• Quick View Chair Ball

    Chair Ball

    The solution to your therapy ball rolling away! Prongs on the bottom help this one stay put.
    From $31.99 - $37.99

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  • Quick View Kangaroo Pouch Suspender

    Kangaroo Pouch Suspender

    Stretch, bounce and swing! Provides sensory input and calming deep pressure for active kids.

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  • Quick View Wild Web

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    Wild Web

    Climb your way to the top! Kids build confidence as they climb and benefit from vestibular therapy, muscle strengthening and motor planning.
    From $1,829.99 - $2,549.99

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  • Quick View Regulation Cubes

    Regulation Cubes

    Toss the Regulation Cube and pick an activity that meets your sensory motor needs.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Quick View Cozy Canoe™

    Cozy Canoe™

    Snuggle up with some calming pressure or work on rocking and balance skills.

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  • Quick View Furry Spots

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    Furry Spots

    4 tactile seat covers and 2 inflatable wiggle cushions to use as place markers, seat cushions and more.


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  • Quick View Wobble Chair

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    Wobble Chair

    Embrace the wiggles! An active seat that allows kids to swivel, tilt, wobble and move without tipping over.
    From $69.99 - $79.99

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  • Quick View T Stool

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    T Stool

    An active chair that challenges balance reactions, motor planning and coordination.

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  • Quick View Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Improve learning focus with your own Custom Package, supporting students in movement breaks.

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  • Quick View Foam Rocker Board

    Foam Rocker Board

    For sensory motor breaks, anywhere and anytime! Made from lightweight foam for easy portability.

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    Our Price: $49.99

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  • Quick View Tactile Discs

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    Tactile Discs

    These inviting rubber discs can be used for tactile stimulation or developing language, sorting skills, social skills and more.

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  • Quick View Rock Around

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    Rock Around

    With the Rock Around, kids can spin around or rock back and forth while strengthening their coordination and vestibular orientation.

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