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    Quick View Air-Lite Ball Pit

    Air-Lite Ball Pit

    With soft walls and cushioned floor, our ball pit is a hit during playtime and therapy sessions.

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  • Quick View Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls

    Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls

    Fill Up Any Ball Pit With Color! Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls are the best ball pit balls in town!

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    Quick View Action Room  - Advanced

    Action Room - Advanced

    Improve self-regulation and learning success! Structured activity center features 25 physical, emotional and behavioral tools.

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  • Quick View Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Improve learning focus with your own Custom Package, supporting students in movement breaks.

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  • Quick View 6" Foam Blocks-Blue

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    6" Foam Blocks-Blue

    Foam blocks make a perfect soft landing into any ball pit and are a great alternative to standard balls.

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  • Quick View Air-Lite Sensory Kit

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    Air-Lite Sensory Kit

    Durable, portable, therapeutic and super fun! Includes tools to encourage movement, balance, motor planning and socialization.



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