• Quick View Scooterboard with Handles-12"

    Scooterboard with Handles-12"

    Handles help kids grip this sturdy plastic scooter with greater ease and balance.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Quick View Scooter with Handles- 16"

    Scooter with Handles- 16"

    This scooter board with handles is great for developing gross motor skills and balance, and for all scooter board activities.

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  • Quick View Scooter Super Pack

    Scooter Super Pack

    This Scooter Pack includes four different scooter boards so that kids can play together while working on gross motor skills, balance and more.



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  • Quick View Soft Saddle Scooter™

    Soft Saddle Scooter™

    Kids glide with confidence on this comfortable Saddle Scooter, now in two sizes.
    From $52.99 - $54.99

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  • Quick View Soft Tummy Scooter™

    Soft Tummy Scooter™

    Made of high density foam, the Foam Tummy Scooter is soft, comfortable, and very durable.

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  • Quick View Soft Saddle Scooter™-Small

    Soft Saddle Scooter™-Small

    Made of high density foam, this adorable Foam Saddle Scooter enables children under 2 to ride fearlessly.

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  • Quick View Floor Surfer

    Floor Surfer

    The Floor Surfer is a fantastic way to build core strength, muscles and gross motor skills - no ocean required!

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  • Quick View Plasma Car

    Plasma Car

    The Plasma Car is a completely irresistible magical riding toy that requires no batteries or leg power to operate!

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