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    Stretch Bands

    Stretch bands are bold stretch bands that encourage kids to move and learn.
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  • Quick View Furry Spots

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    Furry Spots

    4 tactile seat covers and 2 inflatable wiggle cushions to use as place markers, seat cushions and more.



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  • Quick View Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Improve learning focus with your own Custom Package, supporting students in movement breaks.

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    Quick View Jumping Board

    Jumping Board

    Jumping Board is perfect for getting a heavy workout and sensory integration training.

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    Quick View Rockin Rocker Board

    Rockin Rocker Board

    Get the sturdiest, most functional rocker board ever!

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  • Quick View 3-Height Ultimate Balance Board

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    3-Height Ultimate Balance Board

    This balance board lets you adjust the height so that you can increase the challenge as you develop skills and confidence.

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  • Quick View Kiddie Rocker

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    Kiddie Rocker

    Up to three children at a time can enjoy vestibular input and a calming rocking motion on this indoor/outdoor rocking station.

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  • Quick View Rock Around

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    Rock Around

    With the Rock Around, kids can spin around or rock back and forth while strengthening their coordination and vestibular orientation.

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  • Quick View jWAY Hopscotch Game

    jWAY Hopscotch Game

    jWay Interactive Hopscotch is a fun game that develops coordination and strategic thinking while encouraging social interaction.


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  • Quick View See Saw

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    See Saw

    This See Saw is a balance board with a non-stick surface that is durable enough for home or clinic use.

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