• Therapist Pick

    Scooter Paddles-2 Pack

    Scooter paddles are perfect for a heavy upper extremity workout.

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  • Gel Floor Tiles

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    Squishy and ooze-y colorful fun! A hands-on sensory experience for all ages.

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  • Furry Spots



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    4 tactile seat covers and 2 inflatable wiggle cushions to use as place markers, seat cushions and more.

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  • Crash Mat

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    This Crash Mat provides a safe place to land when jumping, tumbling or just lounging around.

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  • Give A Flip

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    The best in eye-hand coordination training! This 5" x 24" wooden flip board teaches timing, motor planning and eye-hand-foot coordination.

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  • Riverstones, Set of 6


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    Take a big step towards better coordination, balance and fun with these colorful Riverstones.

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  • Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel

    Strengthen muscles while getting proprioceptive input in this stretchy rocketship-themed tunnel. Great for kids with autism and sensory challenges!

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  • Crawling Tunnel

    From $93.99 - $129.99
    This is more than just a Crawling Tunnel - it's a treadmill, a ball pit and more!

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  • See Me Connecting Tunnel

    Develop body awareness, upper extremity strength and more in this sturdy tunnel.

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  • Monkey Tunnel

    Let your kids go bananas in this adorable monkey-themed tunnel where they can build strength and coordination skills simultaneously.

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  • Traffic Cone - Set of 6


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    These traffic cones can be used for obstacle courses that can help develop balance, coordination and motor planning skills.

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