• Quick View Textured Foam Roller

    Textured Foam Roller

    Provide deep pressure with a tactile foam roller that calms and wakes up those muscles.

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  • Quick View Monkey Bars

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    Monkey Bars

    Children of all abilities love to swing like monkeys for heavy work and vestibular stimulation!
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  • Quick View Connect-a-scooter


    The innovative design of this scooter board creates endless possibilities for cooperative, competitive and individual play.
    From $134.99 - $185.99

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    Quick View Stretch Bands

    Stretch Bands

    Stretch bands are bold stretch bands that encourage kids to move and learn.
    From $14.99 - $16.99

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  • Quick View Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands are covered in a terry cloth enabling even sensory defensive children to get a great workout!

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  • Quick View Hopper Balls

    Hopper Balls

    Working out on our hoppity hop Hopper Ball can improve sensory integration and coordination skills for kids of all sizes.
    From $19.99 - $23.99

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  • Quick View CanDo® Soft Medicine Balls

    CanDo® Soft Medicine Balls

    Bounce and lift. Push and catch. Weighted medicine balls are a great workout for kids of all abilities.
    From $14.99 - $154.99

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  • Quick View Soft Saddle Scooter™-Small

    Soft Saddle Scooter™-Small

    Made of high density foam, this adorable Foam Saddle Scooter enables children under 2 to ride fearlessly.

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  • Quick View Floor Surfer

    Floor Surfer

    The Floor Surfer is a fantastic way to build core strength, muscles and gross motor skills - no ocean required!

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  • Quick View Jungle Jumparoo

    Jungle Jumparoo

    Jump indoors or outdoors, alone or with a friend until you are ready to learn again and focus!
    From $249.99 - $399.99

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  • Quick View Fold-and-Go Trampoline

    Fold-and-Go Trampoline

    This folding kids’ trampoline is great for traveling therapists and kids who need to move wherever they are.

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  • Quick View Trampoline with Handrail

    Trampoline with Handrail

    Get a jump on muscle development, coordination, sensory processing and fun with this outdoor/indoor kids' trampoline!

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