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    Quick View Stretch Bands

    Stretch Bands

    Stretch bands are bold stretch bands that encourage kids to move and learn.
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  • Quick View Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands-3 Pack

    Soft Resistance Bands are covered in a terry cloth enabling even sensory defensive children to get a great workout!

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    Quick View Space Explorers

    Space Explorers

    Children and tweens love this spandex suit that provides sensory input and calming deep pressure during a lively session of imaginative play.
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    Quick View Transformer Sensory Sack™

    Transformer Sensory Sack™

    Transform your mood when you stretch, crawl, move and relax in the Transformer Sensory Sack.

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  • Quick View CanDo® Weighted Hand Balls

    CanDo® Weighted Hand Balls

    A ball, squishy fidget, and weighted sensory tool, all in one!
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  • Quick View Quiet Time Kit

    Quiet Time Kit

    The Quiet Time Kit helps children calm down before, during or after learning with seven different calming activities and sensory-stimulating products.



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  • Quick View Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel

    Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel

    Strengthen muscles while getting proprioceptive input in this stretchy rocketship-themed tunnel. Great for kids with autism and sensory challenges!

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  • Quick View Double Squeezer

    Double Squeezer

    Enjoy a double dose of sensory input with the Double Squeezer. Great for calming and building imagination and motor planning skills.

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