• Fidget Key Chain Balls-3 Pack

    We’ve found you the most durable Fidget Key Chain Balls on the market! These multisensory fidget toys are great for muscle and fine motor development (and they’re also tons of fun!).

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  • Hopper Balls

    From $19.99 - $23.99
    Working out on our hoppity hop Hopper Ball can improve sensory integration and coordination skills for kids of all sizes.

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  • Spiky Tactile Balls

    From $6.99 - $18.99
    The spikes on these balls make them great tools for tactile exploration, massage therapy, fidgeting and more.

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  • Peanut Balls

    A perfect "saddle" seat for children who need more stability than a traditional ball chair or therapy ball.

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  • CanDo® Weighted Hand Balls

    From $11.99 - $74.99
    A ball, squishy fidget, and weighted sensory tool, all in one!

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  • CanDo® Soft Medicine Balls

    From $17.99 - $154.99
    Bounce and lift. Push and catch. Weighted medicine balls are a great workout for kids of all abilities.

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  • Fun Gripper Movement Ball


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    Have a ball with this giant size soccer ball - it's great for rolling, climbing, balancing and more!

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  • Gel Hand Exercise Ball- Set of Six

    This set of 6 balls strengthens coordination and hand muscles and can be heated or chilled for extra sensory stimulation.

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  • Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls

    Fill Up Any Ball Pit With Color! Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls are the best ball pit balls in town!

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  • Ball Base


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    Have a child who struggles while using a therapy ball? This ball base will help stabilize the ball to maximize the benefits of large therapy balls.

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  • Deluxe Ball Stand


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    The Deluxe Ball Stand prevents exercise balls from rolling away. Ideal for use while exercising or storing the ball.

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  • Double Action Hand Pump

    The perfect pump to keep at home or take on the road to keep inflatables firm at all times.

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  • Magic Air Electric Inflator/Deflator

    Electric air pump quickly inflates and deflates blow-up therapy tools like balls, ball pits and cushions.

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  • Take a Motor Break!



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    This Motor Break Kit is the best way to get your kids moving – it includes a scooter, trampoline, exercise ball and more!

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  • Needle Hand Pump

    This manual air pump makes it easy to inflate balls, seating cushions, balloons and other small items.

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