• Quick View Air-Lite™ Junior Bolster Swing

    Air-Lite™ Junior Bolster Swing

    Straddle or sit while you swing! A fun way to challenge motor skills and core muscle strength.

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  • Quick View Adjustable Double Trapeze Bar Swing

    Adjustable Double Trapeze Bar Swing

    Sit, swing or hang like a monkey! Great source of vestibular input and heavy work.

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  • Quick View Strap Swing

    Strap Swing

    This indoor strap swing helps kids develop muscle strength, motor control and posture while expending their energy in a productive, fun way.

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  • Quick View Trapeze Bar

    Trapeze Bar

    This indoor trapeze bar attaches easily most doorways to develop your child’s vestibular system and body awareness in the most fun way.

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  • Quick View Basket Swring

    Basket Swring

    The Basket SwRing is a fun-tastic swing that promotes vestibular awareness, bilateral coordination, social skills and more.

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  • Quick View Rope Tower Ladder

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    Rope Tower Ladder

    The Rope Ladder Tower provides vestibular input while helping strengthen muscles and build self-confidence and imagination.

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