• Aromatherapy Room Diffuser

    Diffuse your room with essential oils for concentration or relaxation

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  • Groovy Lava Lamp

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    This Groovy Lava Lamp is an affordable way to provide calming visual sensory input in any bedroom, waiting room or sensory room.

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  • Keeps Me Clean: NoPü Shorts


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    No-Pu Diaper covers fit right over your child's diaper to prevent diaper digging and germy messes with style!

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  • Time Timer

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    Kids can see at-a-glance how much time is left, even if they can't read a clock.

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  • Time Tracker Visual Timer and Clock

    Lights and sound effects help keep kids on task during homework, test taking or other focused activities.

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  • Stoplight Golight Timer

    The timer uses the "red light/green light" concept to tell children when to stop and go (even if they can't tell time!).

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  • Essential Oil Aromatherapy Sets - 3 Choices

    Let nature help you relieve stress, relax and focus - these naturally scented oils increase mental stimulation, stamina and calm.

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  • The Mozart Effect

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    This carefully selected classical music encourages music appreciation, inspires young minds and helps develop the IQ.

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