• Quick View Chair Ball

    Chair Ball

    The solution to your therapy ball rolling away! Prongs on the bottom help this one stay put.
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  • Quick View ABC 123 Putty Mats

    ABC 123 Putty Mats

    Practice your ABCs and 123s to strengthen fine motor skills, letter recognition, and counting.

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  • Quick View ABC Fine Motor Book

    ABC Fine Motor Book

    An alphabet-themed book full of engaging activities and guidance. Learn your ABCs while building fine motor skills. 


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  • Quick View Vidget

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    Instead of trying to stop the wiggles, embrace them! With sizes for all ages, this chair allows for quiet rocking to calm and focus.
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  • Quick View Palm Weight - Set of 2

    Palm Weight - Set of 2

    It's the perfect sized weight that fits right into the palm of a hand for improving handwriting and writing skills or in place of a fidget

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  • Quick View Busy Fingers ™ Marble Maze Kit

    Busy Fingers ™ Marble Maze Kit

    Two soft plush mazes that keep your fingers busy and engaged.

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    Save: 46%

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  • Quick View Bean Bag Chair

    Bean Bag Chair

    Sink into comfort. Offers soft, even pressure that wraps around the entire body for sensory input.
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  • Quick View Star Pencil Toppers XT

    Star Pencil Toppers XT

    Chew, bite and explore while thinking and writing with the Star Pencil Topper.

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School Days. Providing tools for a school environment means meeting not only academic needs but also sensory, emotional and social needs. We believe that a school should provide a warm, nurturing yet academically stimulating environment. At the core of every school's academic goals are those for reading and writing, the tools for basic communication. We also know that school must be "sensory-smart." By providing sensory breaks using Break Boxes, Action Rooms and Spa Chill Rooms for movement and sensory motor tools, a school can be a home away from home.