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    Quick View Clear Chew

    Clear Chew

    Heavy chewers love to chomp down on this necklace to focus and relieve stress.

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  • Quick View Rainbow Bead Chew Necklace

    Rainbow Bead Chew Necklace

    A fashionable piece of chewy jewelry for babies and kids -- and moms too!


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    Quick View Bite Bands - 6 Pack

    Bite Bands - 6 Pack

    It's not so cool to drool. Bite Bands to the rescue!

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  • Quick View Spaghetti Chewy Fidget

    Spaghetti Chewy Fidget

    Clip it on, manipulate it, braid it, twirl it, bite on it, chew it! Irresistible to the senses, the Spaghetti Chewy Fidget gives kids a colorful and lightweight finger tool that travels easily.
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