Read & Write

Read and Write. It seems simple enough but as we all know, it is a child’s work to learn to read and write. It is the foundation of their education in the academic settings and, truth be told, it is the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Reading and writing begin at home and in the early pre-school years, but require a foundation of motor and attention skills to do so. Did you know that by age six, a child should be able to visually track back and forth with their eyes without moving their head? If not, perhaps they need an assessment and some vision training. Reading requires visual perceptual, memory and tracking skills. We have selected tools such as puzzles, memory games and tracking toys that will foster a love for reading and writing. Your children will learn to read and then read to learn. If they need a carrel or earmuffs to stay focused, we get that. Why not create your own reading corner or writer’s workshop in your home or classroom? We have grips, adapted paper, easels and slant boards to assist you. At Fun and Function we know that every child not only can learn but wants to learn and we want to facilitate that process. It is not a matter of cognition, but motivation. With the right atmosphere and encouragement, your children will not only be learning, but maybe someday, they will be teaching too.