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  • ARK’s Tran-Quill™ Writing Kit (Vibratory)


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    ARK's Tran-Quill Writing Kit is an innovative sensory kit that can be used to improve a variety of writing skills.

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  • Pencil Pack for Z-vibe


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    ARK's NEW Pocket Pencil Kit for the Z-Vibe are great for teaching writing skills.

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  • Handiwriter (6 Pack)


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    HandiWriters are knit bands that facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing tool.

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  • Spyro Gyro

    Create endless works of art with this vibrating pen that allows for designs of all shapes and sizes.

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  • The Writing Rascal (3 Pack)

    This great writing tool encourages a proper tripod grasp while motivating young writers to practice their handwriting.

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