Math & Science

Math and Science. Children use math and science every day to understand and learn about the world around them. Math and science take kids from the “me” world to the bigger universe. Dimension and composition are building blocks of technology that can only be understood through exploration and experimentation or as we like to say, “pick it up and play with it!”. This is particularly crucial where children who have challenges with sensory processing are asked to master these disciplines in a traditional school setting. For children with learning differences, a hands-on approach is nearly crucial. This requires manipulation, visual perception and experimentation. We may refer to the mastery of numbers and experiments as math and science but at Fun and Function we know that if we don’t put the world into the palm of your child’s hand, they cannot master an understanding of it. We know that you can find traditional tools for these disciplines but we have stepped beyond a two dimensional approach to these subjects and offer you here a hands on, three and sometimes four dimensional approach to mastering math and science and encouraging your kids to hypothesize about the world that surrounds them. Choose from manipulatives like our putty to technology and puzzles and keep checking back as we provide you with more tools in the near future to captivate and engage your children to find their love of learning and on their way to being tomorrow’s leaders in advancing our everyday lives.