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    Busy Fingers™ Tangram Gel Puzzle

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    Busy Fingers Tangram Gel Puzzle by Fun and Function teaches spatial relationships and visual processing with a fun fidget toy.

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  • The Multi-Matrix Game


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    A revolution in therapeutic gaming that helps with coordination, auditory and speech processing, math, sequencing, building social skills and so much more.

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  • Interlox

    Give your little budding construction worker the toy they will love! Build, design and create with Interlox's translucent pieces!

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  • Fantacolor Junior


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    Develop fine motor coordination, patterning skills and so much more by creating artwork with this set of colorful pegs and picture cards.

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  • Colorful Sorting Cubes



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    100 colorful cubes provide endless opportunities for patterning, color recognition and fine motor development.

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  • Color Pegs, Color Pictures


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    How can a house, a boat or a tree be made from colorful, round pegs? With imagination and these colorful pegs!

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  • Denim Marble Maze

    For fine motor practice, visual processing and sensory seeking on-the-go.

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  • Button Pizzazz


    Practice buttoning and unbuttoning to encourage visual motor integration, following directions, motor planning and fine motor training.

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  • Circle Set


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    CircleSet™Creative Blocks are tiered nesting wood blocks that develop coordination, problem solving skills and more.