• Bean Bag Chair

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    Sink into comfort. Offers soft, even pressure that wraps around the entire body for sensory input.

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  • TeachSTIX Sight Words

    TeachSTIX are reusable wall decals that develop kids’ reading skills by sight for hard-to-read words.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Mushy Smushy Beanbag Chair™

    Circle time, floor time, reading time, quiet time... any time is a good time for the Mushy Smushy Bean Bag Chair.

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  • Cloud Chair


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    Sensory-sensitive kids will calm down quickly with the Cloud Chair's tactile and auditory stimulation.

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  • Jaxx Lounger Jr

    Ideal for reading, relaxing or just chilling out, this giant bean bag chair also doubles as a crash mat.

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  • Jaxx Club Jr. Beanbag

    The Jaxx Club Jr. Chair is a giant bean bag that can be used as a chair, crash pad or outlet for heavy work.

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  • Jaxx Cocoon Jr

    A place to crash, read and rest, all in one! This giant bean bag is a great for active kids and sensory seekers.

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  • Animal Lap Pads

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    A weighted lap pad lap that doubles as a friendly companion! The cute ears and tail offer tactile exploration.

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  • Monkey Animal Lap Pad ( 3 lbs. - 13 x 8 inches)

    This monkey weighted lap pad will keep your kids calm and focused and prevent them from monkeying around!

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  • Zebra Animal Lap Pad (5 lbs. - 18 x 9 inches)

    The Animal Lap pads are the perfect compliment to a fidgety child.

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  • Groovy Lava Lamp

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    This Groovy Lava Lamp is an affordable way to provide calming visual sensory input in any bedroom, waiting room or sensory room.

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  • Concentration Rocker

    A kid-sized rocking chair! Provides a great seat for reading, relaxing or sensory processing.

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  • Kiddie Rocker Chair Set

    An ideal rocker for home or school, for play or reading.

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  • Read and Learn Kit



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    The Read and Learn Kit helps your kids read better by blocking distractions and creating a comfortable reading environment.

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