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  • Sort N' Shapes


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    Young learners will develop color recognition and visual perception with this unique sorting game.

    Only 8 Left!

  • TeachSTIX Sight Words

    TeachSTIX are reusable wall decals that develop kids’ reading skills by sight for hard-to-read words.

    Only 5 Left!

  • Sensory Gel Maze

    This Sensory Gel Maze is really aMAZE-ing - it encourages focus, develops hand-eye coordination and provides hours of fun.

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  • Classroom Light Filters - Set of 4

    These easy-to-install light filters turn harsh fluorescent lights into calming blue lights.

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  • Give A Flip

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    The best in eye-hand coordination training! This 5" x 24" wooden flip board teaches timing, motor planning and eye-hand-foot coordination.

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  • Language Memory Matching Game

    $9.99 As low as: $7.50
    This educational game teaches language and boosts memory while encouraging social interaction.

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  • Interlox

    Give your little budding construction worker the toy they will love! Build, design and create with Interlox's translucent pieces!

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  • Speed Splash

    The Speed Splash ball zips back and forth between players, encouraging teamwork and bilateral cooperation.

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  • The Multi-Matrix Game


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    A revolution in therapeutic gaming that helps with coordination, auditory and speech processing, math, sequencing, building social skills and so much more.

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  • Spot It!

    Spot it! is the hottest card game that both kids and adults can't resist. Learn to focus, concentrate and Spot it!

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  • Therapist Pick

    Ergo-Rite Slant Board for Writing - Large

    Ergo-Rite™ Slant Board for Writing features a 20 degree angle to maximize writing success and improve concentration. Handmade in the USA.

    In stock

  • Ergo-Rite Reading Board

    Place a book on the Ergo-Rite Reading Board, and enjoy improved concentration and body posture while reading.

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  • Dry Erase Learning Paddles

    $59.99 As low as: $14.99

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    These dry erase boards keep kids engaged in learning and help boost self-confidence. Great for classroom or home use.

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  • Short Reach Slant Board

    Designed for children with a shorter reach, this work surface is designed to reduce muscle and eye strain during reading and writing exercises.

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  • Travel Slant Board

    This slant board reduces strain on shoulders, arms and hands during writing and collapses compactly for easy transport.

    Only 6 Left!

  • Reading Focus Card Combo-2 Pack

    These Reading Focus Cards make reading easier by blocking out surrounding text and helping to focus the eye the right place.

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  • Long Loop Easi-Grip Scissors


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    Learn to cut easily with these self opening scissors whose extended loop makes gripping extra comfortable.

    Only 2 Left!

  • Visual Attention Teacher’s Kit



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    Create a personal office space in any home or classroom to help kids focus better on schoolwork or homework.

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  • Fantacolor Junior


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    Develop fine motor coordination, patterning skills and so much more by creating artwork with this set of colorful pegs and picture cards.

    Only 9 Left!

  • Color Pegs, Color Pictures


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    How can a house, a boat or a tree be made from colorful, round pegs? With imagination and these colorful pegs!

    Only 7 Left!

  • Textured Pop Beads

    Kids love sorting, snapping and stringing these Textured Pop Beads. They're great for building fine motor and language skills.

    Only 9 Left!

  • Button Pizzazz


    Practice buttoning and unbuttoning to encourage visual motor integration, following directions, motor planning and fine motor training.

    Out of stock

  • Perplexus Rookie


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    Rookie introduces you to the three dimensional, gravity defying world of Perplexus.

    Out of stock

  • Perplexus Original

    The original Perplexus challenge! Guide the steel ball along an intricate maze through 100 barriers of varying difficulty.

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