• ABC Fine Motor Book


    An alphabet-themed book full of engaging activities and guidance. Learn your ABCs while building fine motor skills. 

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  • Pencil Weights- Set of 3

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    Slip a pencil weight onto your pencil for proprioceptive feedback.

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  • Palm Weight - Set of 2

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    It's the perfect sized weight that fits right into the palm of a hand for improving handwriting and writing skills or in place of a fidget

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  • Star Pencil Toppers XT

    Chew, bite and explore while thinking and writing with the Star Pencil Topper.

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  • Textured Pencil Toppers

    Chew, bite and explore while thinking and writing with the Textured Pencil Topper.

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  • Language Memory Matching Game

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    This educational game teaches language and boosts memory while encouraging social interaction.

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  • Little Pencils- 24 Pack

    Learning to write is easier with smaller pencils that teach kids how to grip the pencil.

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  • Pencil Grips Package


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    This pack of 60 Pencil Grips promotes a comfortable and proper grip at home, on the go and in the classroom.

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  • Brightlines Raised Line Paper


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    Brightlines Raised Line Paper provides both physical and visual cues to help improve writing skills.

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  • Brightlines Paper (non raised)

    With Options for Paper With Space To Write and Draw

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  • Visual Attention Teacher’s Kit



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    Create a personal office space in any home or classroom to help kids focus better on schoolwork or homework.

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  • Language Builder: Picture Noun Cards

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    These cards contain images specially selected for familiarity and cognitive development and are ideal for home, school and clinic use.

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  • Bright Lines Spiral Bound Notebook


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    Brightlines paper helps kids improve letter formation, spacing and handwriting, and this spiral notebook keeps all assignments in one place.

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