Compression & Seamless Clothing for Kids with Special Needs


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Dress Your Best and For SUCCESS. When we started Fun and Function it was to address the needs of our own children with special needs through purposeful clothing. Since that time our line of clothing has evolved to accommodate a variety of children’s sensory needs whether it be children on the autism spectrum, children with sensory processing disorders or children with motor delays. Whether your children will benefit from pressure clothing, weighted clothing, pretend-dress up, or clothing for manipulation and tactile exploration, we are committed to providing you with the most exceptional line of comfort clothing available. All of our items are adored by many including our Weighted Pressure Vests and Sensational-Hug-Tees that give just the right squeeze. Many of our items are made from organic materials and all are seamless and tagless to remove the “itch.” Your kids will love the feel and, well, you will love the effects.