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Fun and Function is dedicated to helping all children learn and develop through play. We carry a wide range of products designed to help your child get the most out of every day, including our soothing compression vests and other weighted items. Special needs children who become anxious are not always at their best, and the proven way to help them increase their comfort level is through a calming embrace. Our compression vests provide deep, firm pressure and the constant reassuring sensation of a hug that helps children with special needs feel calmer and more secure in an environment that may cause them troublesome anxiety. Unlike other compression vests offered elsewhere, our compression vests are specifically designed to not resemble ugly clinical devices that could make your child uncomfortable with its appearance and less likely to wear it on a regular basis. These compression vests are intended for everyday use, featuring awesome graphics and cool designs children can’t wait to wear. They are made of durable neoprene that cradles your child in comfort while allowing heavy-duty wear and breathable mesh to keep your child cool during active play. We also have a stock of dress-up compression vests to give children the freedom to explore their dreams or becoming a fireman, police officer or EMT while delivering the security and comfort they crave all day. Browse our selection of sensory toys such as weighted beanbags and group play kits that allow safe tactile exploration and fine tuning of critical motor skills. At Fun and Function, we are happiest when your child is.