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SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest

Size Guide
SizeWaist SizeChest Size                       Height
XXSmall (Child)20" - 26"

with strap extendors 20" - 32"

without strap extendors: 20" - 28"

3'7" - 4'5"
XSmall (Child)24" - 30"

with strap extendors 24" - 36"

without strap extendors: 24" - 32"

4'1" - 4'11"

Small28" - 36"

with strap extenders: 28"-42"

without strap extendors: 28" - 36"

4'11" - 5'7"
Medium32" - 40"

with strap extenders: 32"-48"

without strap extendor: 32" - 40"

5'3" - 6'1"
Large36" - 44"

with strap extenders: 36"-52"

without strap extendors:  36"- 44"

5'7" - 6'3"

Measurements above are actual vest measurements

Measurements are in inches.

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Why We Love It

Calming Inflatable Deep Pressure Vest

Crave deep pressure and love a good hug? This lightweight air-filled vest features a hand-held pump to control the level of compression. Its unique design lets the wearer “squeasily” inflate the vest to just right amount of therapeutic pressure. Encourages calm and self-regulation whenever sensory input is needed. Includes hand pump.

  • Hug-like compression encourages calm and feeling of security
  • Supports kids and adults with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism
  • Age 5+

Helps With

Mood & Attention, Tactile Seeking, Tactile Defensiveness, Transition & Travel, Classroom Success, Sleep


  • Navy blue
  • Wipe with a damp cloth or hand wash. Air-dry. See detailed care instructions.
  • Includes instruction manual with additional ideas for use
  • Designed without latex.
  • Hook and loop closures on the shoulders and the sides for adjustability
  • The Squease Vest Strap Extender we offer are only compatible with Small, Medium and Large sizes. 

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