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  1. Shark & Dolphin Chewy Necklace - Set of 2
    CF6234 Shark & Dolphin Chewy Necklace - Set of 2
  2. Denim Pocket Lap Pad
    CF6545 Denim Pocket Lap Pad
  3. one Spaghetti Chewy Fidget with six tubes in colors Teal, blue, green and purple
    CF6823 Spaghetti Chewy Fidget
  4. ABC Touch and Feel Letters
    SP8435 ABC Touch and Feel Letters
  5. children and teenager wearing the Sens-ational Hip Hugging Tee - Short Sleeves
    WR3859P Sens-ational Hug Tee - Short Sleeves
  6. Children and teenager wearing the Sens-ational Hip Hugging Tee, Long Sleeves in colors white, blue and black
    WR4622P Sens-ational Hug Tee - Long Sleeves
  7. Girl happily wearing the Original Weighted Compression Vest in Navy blue with pink peace graphic and butterflies
    WR4285P The Original Weighted Compression Vest™ with Graphics
  8. Pencil inside the Chewy Pencil Sleeve
    CF8462 Chewy Pencil Sleeve (Set of Two)
  9. Raindrop Swing
    MW8772P Raindrop Swing
  10. Green and Blue Stressless Fidget Balls
    CF6533 Stressless Fidget Balls
  11. Dragon Egg Pendant
    SP6755 Dragon Egg Pendant - Set of 2
  12. Boundary Wiggle Seat
    CF6760P Boundary Wiggle Seat
    From $39.99
  13. blue Sensory Vibrating Neck Pillow
    SP6703 Sensory Vibrating Neck Pillow
  14. blue Transformer Sensory Sack™
    MW5873P Transformer Sensory Sack™
    From $32.99
  15. Early Childhood Sensory Toolkit
    CF7236 Early Childhood Sensory Toolkit
  16. Blue and purple High Five Chews with happy faces
    CF7307 High Five - Chewy Fidget Tool
  17. Orange Bubble Pop Starfish Fidget
    CF7479 Bubble Pop Starfish Fidget
  18. Bubble Pop Ball - Set of 2
    CF8473 Bubble Pop Ball - Set of 2
  19. Weighted Sequin Fidget
    CF8476 Weighted Sequin Fidget
  20. Woman smiling wearing the Bear Hug Hoodie
    DR8457 Bear Hug Hoodie
  21. Noise Reduction Headphones - Blue
    SP6271 Noise Reduction Headphones - Blue
  22. Brown Weighted Teddy Bear
    CF8455P Weighted Teddy Bear
    From $45.49
  23. air-filled seat cushion in the color blue with spiky tactile bumps
    CF7466 My Magical Wobble Cushion - Wiggle Seat
  24. A Pressure Foam Roller in the colors green, red, yellow and orange
    CF5821 Pressure Foam Roller

Products 121-144 of 198

per page
Set Ascending Direction

"As a an itinerant physical therapist I am always looking to solve a problem and I need durable, quick easy to use solutions. I'm generally looking for items that are portable or items to suggest for home or school use. I'm also looking for items that are multi purposeful such as a balance board that may double as a jumping platform. Or a swing that may encourage dynamic standing balance reactions. I love to combine items as well such as using floor spots with a balance board and a climbing ladder. Items need to be bright, functional and engage my kids to move!" Ilana Danneman, PT

"As a pediatric occupational therapist working with young children at home and in school, I look for fun things that are therapeutic and will help us reach our goals -- without the children even realizing that we are working! Many of the children have an "attention" goal so I look for engaging items that will help work on their attention. In addition, I need sensory items that address the various behavioral difficulties that are caused by sensory issues such as anxiety and aggression, so the children can focus at home and in school. Lastly,as a traveling therapist, I need things that are lightweight, portable, durable and easy to clean so I can use them anywhere and everywhere." Estee Saks, MS OTR/L