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Fidget Keeper with Fidgets Kit

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Focus + calm = one awesome Kit

You've got a chewer and a fidgeter but you need a fidget keeper! Each Weighted Fidget Keeper combines the benefits of wearing weight (calming, orientation, focus) with the benefits of fidgeting and chewing (stress reduction, soothing, organizing). Your kit includes a Weighted Ergo Sash with pockets to hold fidgets as well as 1.5lb of weights that fit into the sash. Kids can wear it like a shoulder strap for maximum benefit. In addition, the kit includes a Chewnoodle for oral sensory therapy and Keychain fidget balls to manipulate. The Chewnoodle and Fidget suspend from the Sash or can be stuffed inside a pocket. Pockets hold other personal items, fidgets and chewies too!  Use the sash for its sensory benefits and also to work on fine motor skills and spatial orientation skills (in and out).

  • Cool sash is perfect alternative to weighted vest
  • Fidget toy encourages focus
  • Chewnoodle is great for oral motor needs

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