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  • Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Improve learning focus with your own Custom Package, supporting students in movement breaks.

    Starting at: $11.99

  • ChillSpa Sensory Room - Gold

    ChillSpa Sensory Room - Gold

    Soothe the senses with our Gold Package, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors.

    Regular Price: $13,450.00

    Special Price: $11,439.00

Sale! Save Up to 50%

  • Yoga Deck for Kids on the Ball

    Yoga Deck for Kids on the Ball

    Let Herbert help your kids focus, stretch and breath! These fun, engaging yoga cards work well with a therapy or exercise ball or on their own!
  • Move, Think and Get It Done Homework Kit

    Move, Think and Get It Done Homework Kit

    Get a Homework Helper Kit to help kids focus, concentrate and learn while getting the job done stress-free!

    Regular Price: $78.96

    Special Price: $70.99

  • Guess How I Feel? Game

    Guess How I Feel? Game

    The social skills activities included in this board game provide all children with social skills training in a fun and understandable way.
    $19.99 As low as: $17.00
  • Language Memory Matching Game

    Language Memory Matching Game

    This educational game teaches language and boosts memory while providing your child with hours of fun!
    $9.99 As low as: $8.50
  • Crocodile Squeeze Animal - 3 Pack

    Crocodile Squeeze Animal - 3 Pack

    Build up hand strength, keep busy fingers happy,
    and fidget to your hearts content!

    Regular Price: $12.09

    Special Price: $8.49

Kids with special needs are awesome, and we're passionate about your child's potential. Discover our award-winning toys, therapy equipment, classroom tools for special needs and all-inclusive fun!

  • Soooo Soft!

    This little blanket is wonderful! It's soft, cuddly and easy to move around with! It has just the right weight and it a perfect size for my "active" sleeper! We use it often while winding down in the evening and reading our bedtime story. THANKS Fun and Function!

  • The Peanut Ball works wonders

    My kids love to straddle while doing homework, and it's great for bouncing.

  • My kids love this game

    The magnetic dry erase mirror board is incredible. The kids love copying their emotions.