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  • Discovery Disc™

    Discovery Disc™

    Find it, hide it, shake it, toss it, hold it and stay busy for hours!
  • Spot Markers

    Spot Markers

    The spots that tell kids exactly where to sit, walk or stand
  • Hand Eye Coordination Scarves-Set of 12

    Hand Eye Coordination Scarves-Set of 12

    The scarves that teach bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination and balance
  • Transformer Sensory Sack™

    Transformer Sensory Sack™

    Transform your mood when you stretch, crawl, move and relax in the Transformer Sensory Sack.
  • Palm Weight

    Palm Weight

    It's the perfect sized weight that fits right into the palm of a hand for improving handwriting and writing skills or in place of a fidget
  • Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget

    Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget

    Fidget toy keeps kids busy for hours while in the car, at home or school. Cool gel rectangles squish and move with finger pressure
  • Pressure Foam Roller

    Pressure Foam Roller

    Soothing massage roller provides full body deep pressure.
  • SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest

    SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest

    Our exclusive adjustable air-powered vest gives kids reassuring pressure that helps keep them calm and focused.
  •  Textured Platform Swing™

    Textured Platform Swing™

    Take a ride on this multi-directional, indoor/outdoor padded platform swing!
  • Skateboard Swing

    Skateboard Swing

    Fun Skateboard-design Swing provides self-calming movement for kids with ADHD, autism and sensory processing issues.

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  • 3 Bags Full Finger Puppets

    3 Bags Full Finger Puppets

    An original storybag, handmade and fair trade: A knit carrying bag with 8 jungle animal finger puppets.

    Regular Price: $41.99

    Special Price: $24.99

  • Air-Lite Seal Bolster Swing

    Air-Lite Seal Bolster Swing

    Swing with Playful Seal for Sensory Integration.

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price: $207.99

  • Air-Lite Sensory Kit

    Air-Lite Sensory Kit

    These sensory toys are durable, portable, therapeutic and super fun! Kit includes a Ball Pit, Barrel Roll and Seal Bolster Swing.

    Regular Price: $702.96

    Special Price: $629.99

  • Alpha Catch

    Alpha Catch

    Like a real game of catch, with a catch: learning the alphabet and letter sounds is part of the fun!

    Regular Price: $31.99

    Special Price: $27.19

  • By Kids Only Airplane Shirt

    By Kids Only Airplane Shirt

    Designed by Kids! Cool and comfortable!

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $9.99

Kids with special needs are awesome, and we're passionate about your child's potential. Discover our award-winning toys, therapy equipment, classroom tools for special needs and all-inclusive fun!

  • Bite Bands

    These are the best chewies for my son. They keep his shirt more dry than the plastic chewies and he can't bite pieces off of them. Even the "heavy duty" plastic chewies were easy for him to bite through! These are much safer for aggressive chewers, like my son.

  • He goes everywhere!

    We have Herbert and the kid's LOVE him. I will find him often in the center of a small reading group, sitting in a wagon being pulled around, and once he was sitting next to one of the little kids at the dinner table! I put him away with the toys and he is the first thing they all go for. We love Herbert!

  • The Peanut Ball works wonders

    My kids love to straddle while doing homework, and it's great for bouncing.