Item # Calming Sensory Room for Schools - Custom Choice

Calming Sensory Space for Schools - Custom Choice

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Concentration Rocker- Blue
Jaxx Lounger Jr in Blueberry Microsuede
Gel Floor Tiles - Blue
Sensory Vibrating Neck Pillow
Sensory Wall Panel Small
Sensory Wall Panel Large
Sensory Image Projector (3 wheels included)
Fiber Optic LED Strands With Lightsource
Sensory Wall Panel Medium
Puzzle Beam Large Set - 5 Beams
Weighted Disc Blanket - 8 lbs
Find Me™ Lap Pads - At the Farm (13 x 8 inches)
Classroom Break Boxes®: Sensory Tool Kit - Standard
EnviroSafe™ Royal Blue Folding Mats (Hook-and-Loop on 2 Sides) - 4' X 6'
LimeLite™ LED Cube - 8”
LimeLite™ LED Cube - 14”
SensaSoft™ Compression Canoe-Teal
SensaSoft™ Compression Canoe-Teal CF6650

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SensaSoft™ Vibrochair - White
SensaSoft™ Vibrochair - White SP7232

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Custom Corner Bubble Tube Area
Custom Corner Bubble Tube Area SC7259

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SensaSoft™ Vibroacoustic Corner Ball Pit
SensaSoft™ Vibroacoustic Corner Ball Pit CF7269

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Music Touch Wall with SensaSoft™ Wall Panel and Platform
SensaSoft™ Musical Lightup Hopscotch
SensaSoft™ Musical Lightup Hopscotch MW7277

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SensaSoft™ Playhouse
SensaSoft™ Playhouse SD8222W

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Sensasoft™ Cylinder Mountain
Sensasoft™ Cylinder Mountain SD7702B

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SensaSoft™ Squeezie Seat White
SensaSoft™ Squeezie Seat White SP8375

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SensaSoft™ Xylophone
SensaSoft™ Xylophone SP7354

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Color Changing Light Panel
Color Changing Light Panel SP7351

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Fiber Optic Jellyfish - Calming
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Weighted Sequin Pillow
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Why We Love It

Kids Take a Break in the Calm Down Room

Do your students need a break? Take them to the Calming Sensory Room for a satisfying sensory break. They can jump into the SensaSoft Vibroacoustic Corner Ball Pit forsoothing all-around tactile input and calming vibration, or relax on the SensaSoft Vibrochair while they manipulate the sequins on the Weighted Sequin Pillow that sits in their lap. Allow your students to receive auditory and proprioceptive feedback as they roll and play on the Softplay Xylophone. SensaSoft Musical Lightup Hopscotch takes hopscotch to a whole new level as your students learn about cause and effect and build muscle tone as the wall panel lights up and plays music as they jump. Open the Break Box and be amazed as you watch your students calm down and get ready to learn. Studies have shown that short sensory breaks can improve students’ behavior and academic success. Let your school be our next success story.

  • Engages kids in sensory exploration through play-based activities that stimulate minds and bodies
  • Supports kids with ADHD or sensory integration disorder 
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

  • Gaze at the images projected on the wall with the Sensory Image Projector. Can you describe them?
  • Use your fingers to draw shapes on the Sensory Wall Panel
  • Step into the Sensasoft Playhouse for imaginary play with your friends


Product Options Include:

  • SensaSoft Vibroacoustic Corner Ball Pit
  • Sensory Image Projector (3 wheels included)
  • Gel Floor Tile Blue
  • Concentration Rocker- Blue 
  • Sensory Wall Panel Large
  • Sensory Wall Panel Small 
  • Sensory Wall Panel Medium
  • SensaSoft Squeezie Seat White - Large
  • Weighted Disc Blanket 8 lbs 
  • Sensasoft Playhouse 
  • SensaSoft Vibrochair
  • Weighted Sequin Pillow
  • Space Master Controller with 8-Way Switch
  • Jaxx Lounger Jr in Blueberry Microsuede
  • SensaSoft Compression Canoe Teal
  • Sensory Vibrating Neck Pillow
  • Fiber Optic Jellyfish - Calming
  • Custom Corner Bubble Tube Area
  • Music Touch Wall with SensaSoft™ Panel and Platform
  • SensaSoft Musical Lightup Hopscotch
  • SensaSoft Cylinder Mountain
  • Puzzle beam Large 5 Beam Set
  • Sensasoft Play Set 17
  • Fiber Optic LED Strands With Lightsource
  • Classroom Break Boxes®: Sensory Tool Kit - Standard
  • Softplay Xylophone
  • Color Changing Light Panel. Includes panel SP7185 and platform SP7281. Price includes both.
  • EnviroSafe 4’ X 6’ Royal Blue Folding Mat 2-sided velcro
  • LimeLite™ LED Cube - 8"
  • LimeLite™ LED Cube - 14"
  • Find Me Lap Pad - At the Farm (3 lbs. 13 x 8 inches)
  • LED strips for wall panels
  • Sensasoft Play Set 20

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