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Fiber Optic Jellyfish

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Why We Love It

An Under-the-Sea Sensory Adventure!

Make your sensory room feel like a soothing underwater adventure! Kids can safely touch the 150 "tentacles" of vibrant, glowing fiber optics for a visual and tactile sensory experience and watch the colors slowly change in a serene, calming pattern. The mirror mounted underneath adds another element of exploration and sensory discovery. Helps to improve color recognition and sets a relaxing tone in any sensory space in your home, school or clinic. 

Choose from three options: Calming, Superactive or IRiS. The Calming Fiber Optic Jellyfish slowly changes colors on its own for a relaxing and calming experience. The Superactive Fiber Optic Jellyfish includes an 8 color wireless controller that gives you control to switch the colors (but can also be set to slowly auto-rotate through colors). The IRiS model includes an iConverter that allows you to change the colors from your iPhone or iPad using sound, touch, vibration and movement.

  • Invites visual and tactile sensory exploration
  • Helps practice color recognition, gross and fine motor skills, and cause and effect
  • Fast and easy installation 
  • Age 3+

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Helps With

Mood & Attention, Tactile Seeking, Visual Stimulation


  • Wall mounted body of jellyfish: approx 34"L x 16"H x 13"D 
  • 'Tentacles' (fiber optic strands): approx 78"
  • Weighs 24 lbs.
  • Includes 150 fiber optic strands, high-quality light source, low voltage transformer, and necessary hardware to mount onto a wall with drywall construction
  • For brick or block walls, wall anchors are required (not included)
  • Requires minimum ceiling height of 8’

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