From day one
we’ve been giving...


From day one we’ve been giving...

What started as a way to give our kids the tools they needed to thrive has since transformed into a mission to provide for you and yours, too. From product creation to consultation to simply lending an ear, we provide for our Fun and Function community in myriad ways every day.

Knowing that we’re making a real difference is what keeps us going. You’re the ones who enable us to do so. With every purchase you make, we’re able to give back more and more. We donate our products, expertise, and time on a regular basis, spreading more kindness in the world the way we hope someone else would for our kids.

This sense of kindness is woven into the fabric of our company; we want you to know that you, too, made a difference for someone’s child with special needs. We hope that this inspires you to share your own kindness, whether with a smile, time, or your presence.

Thank you for making the world a better place,




"A big, huge thank you for the therapy items you sent us! Our therapists were delighted as were the special children! The smiles on their faces as they use your toys and tools is contagious! I will send you pictures of our children having a great time. We are so grateful to you, May you have much success!"

The Special Children’s Center

"Our PMSF Fun and Function Clubhouse was a huge success with our families who gathered from around the world. Fun and Function is leading the way in providing games, toys and activities that meet the needs of kids of all ability levels."

Jack Sweeney, Phelan- McDermid Syndrome Foundation

In line with our social mission, Fun and Function offers free educational content

We believe sensory education should be accessible to all