Sensory Survival For Teens

Teens don’t like to stand out so it’s vital to find subtle ways to address their changing sensory needs. Whether your teen is a sensory seeker, under responsive or hyper responsive, the challenges of sitting in school, taking exams or socializing can raise stress levels. Let’s look at a few … Read More

Sensory Swings: How to Install

Looking for an indoor swing? This might be one of the best purchases you can make for your home, clinic or school. When I travel to my clients for therapy sessions, I bring a swing bar and several swing options for sensory and balance needs.   But how and where … Read More

Sensory Activities for Heavy Handwork

  It’s like chores, but for your hands. Heavy handwork strengthens fine motor skills for handwriting and daily living activities. Using your hands can provide a mental break, help with focus, and act as a filter to support sensory integration therapy.   For children with ADHD, heavy handwork can provide … Read More

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