Personal Space - Strategies for Setting Boundaries

Personal Space? Strategies for Setting Boundaries

If you and I were talking and then I step back, would you remain in place or move closer? Picking up on non-verbal cues can be challenging. Some kids and even adults will keep moving closer, unaware it can be experienced as an invasion of the other’s personal space. Here … Read More

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Vest On, Vest Off? Wearing Times for Weighted Vests

It’s honestly not an exact science though we are frequently asked: “How long should my child wear his weighted vest?” “How much weight does my child need?”  “When is it best to wear a weighted vest?” Questions are often more important than the answers and can lead to a clearer understanding … Read More

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Using Coordination for Focus and Attention

Simon Says: Use Coordination to Focus & Attend

Do you remember playing Simon Says? Well, it wasn’t just a silly game to keep you out of trouble. Simon Says actually works to help wake up the brain-body connection and the result can be a more focused, attentive Individual. Using the hands and feet in coordination with the eyes … Read More

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