Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

Holidays are so incredibly special. Who doesn’t love the sights, sounds, scents and tastes of this special season? And sharing the excitement with a special gift is always a highlight. We especially love this time of year when we can offer suggestions of playful gifts and sensory tools geared toward … Read More

Strategies to Prevent Emotional Meltdown

It feels like a tsunami when it happens, a tantrum or emotional breakdown. We are just beginning to understand emotional intelligence and its connection to nature and nurture. And we are still pondering the impact of our sensory system on our emotional capabilities. But one thing we are all sure … Read More

Low Tone? 7 Daily Strategies

  What is tone? Tone is the amount of resistance in a muscle belly at rest. For example, if I were to pull your arms up over your head and then let go, an individual with average tone would drop their arms slowly. Someone with high tone would keep holding … Read More