Sensory Hallways help Refocus Attention and Learning

For many kids, having to sit still and be quiet through an entire school day can seem like an impossible task.  While most schools have physical education and recess built into the day, for some students, it’s simply not enough. Luckily, a lot of teachers and classrooms are becoming more … Read More

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Decrease the Wiggles At Home and School

Now that winter is in full swing, it may be apparent to parents and teachers alike that some children may be experiencing more difficulty with the “wiggles” and fidgeting during structured classroom/homework times.  Instead of lamenting the fact that the child cannot sit still for more than five minutes, embrace … Read More

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Winter Exercise For Sensory Seekers

It’s time to Winterize! If you have kids who are climbing the walls or can’t sit still, they may need a stronger movement diet than the season permits. Though there are plenty of outdoor winter sports for those who live near a ski slope or skating rink, not everyone has … Read More