Vest On, Vest Off? Wearing Times for Weighted Vests

It’s honestly not an exact science though we are frequently asked: “How long should my child wear his weighted vest?” “How much weight does my child need?”  “When is it best to wear a weighted vest?” Questions are often more important than the answers and can lead to a clearer understanding … Read More

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Using Coordination for Focus and Attention

Simon Says: Use Coordination to Focus & Attend

Do you remember playing Simon Says? Well, it wasn’t just a silly game to keep you out of trouble. Simon Says actually works to help wake up the brain-body connection and the result can be a more focused, attentive Individual. Using the hands and feet in coordination with the eyes … Read More

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Valentine’s Day Sensory Solutions

  It’s the one day of the year when we all think of LOVE. Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate, hearts, cards, roses and …..Meltdowns!!!  For your sensory deprived or over stimulated child, Valentine’s Day may feel more like….Oh no! Maybe your child is less social, overly sensitive, or comes … Read More

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