Autism Awareness Month: 10 Activities for You and your Family

Do you have autism or support someone with autism? We want to hear your story! Tell us about yourself, and your plans during Autism Awareness Month.¬† Share our suggested activities with friends and family — and add your ideas too. Often numbers are used to describe autism, a neurological disorder … Read More

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How to Choose Flexible Classroom Seating

Don’t sit still! Since movement can help students learn better, flexible classroom seating is essential. Now how do you identify the right seat for your child or student? Fortunately, there’s an incredible range of flexible classroom seating such as wiggle seats, wobble stools, fun chairs, seat cushions and ball chairs, … Read More

Free Play! Sensory Activities for Children with Special Needs

Free play! Sensory activities for special needs children should go beyond play. While play is fun, it also has purpose, building social skills, problem solving, motor planning, and more. But free play, or play without purpose, is unstructured play and provides¬†a much needed sensory break to be ourselves, live in … Read More