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  1. Tactile UV Sensory Panel
    SP7177 Tactile UV Sensory Panel
  2. Spring Ceiling Light Filters
    SP7226 Spring Ceiling Light Filters
  3. LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel
    SP7227 LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel
  4. LED Sensory Roller Slide
    SP7199 LED Sensory Roller Slide
  5. SensaSoft™ Tumble Play Rollers
    SP7224 SensaSoft™ Tumble Play Rollers
  6. Music Hand Wall
    SP7229 Music Hand Wall
  7. 4-Way Play Tunnel
    MW7660 4-Way Play Tunnel
  8. Cozy Canoe Swing
    MW7659 Cozy Canoe Swing
  9. Magic Carpet Swing
    MW7657 Magic Carpet Swing
  10. Sensasoft™ Tunnel Mat
    SD7872 Sensasoft™ Tunnel Mat
  11. Ready Slide Match
    SP8446 Ready Slide Match
  12. Wooden Wave Stacker
    SP8448 Wooden Wave Stacker
  13. Trapeze Swing
    MW8453 Trapeze Swing
  14. Macrame Doorway Swing
    MW8466 Macrame Doorway Swing
  15. Chewy Pencil Sleeve (Set of Two)
    CF8462 Chewy Pencil Sleeve (Set of Two)
  16. Bubble Pop Ball (Two Pack)
    CF8473 Bubble Pop Ball (Two Pack)
  17. Weighted Disc Blanket
    CF6725P Weighted Disc Blanket
    From $195.99
  18. InterACTION Wall Panels
    SP6689P InterACTION Wall Panels
    From $229.99
  19. Chewy Glove - 2 Pack
    SP6848P Chewy Glove - 2 Pack
    From $14.99
  20. Chewy Fidget Coil
    CF6115 Chewy Fidget Coil
  21. Little Pencils- 24 Pack
    HW6151 Little Pencils- 24 Pack
  22. Therapist Kit
    CF6231 Therapist Kit
  23. Busy Fingers ™ Marble Maze Kit
    CF5932 Busy Fingers ™ Marble Maze Kit
  24. Cocoon Climbing Swing
    MW6506 Cocoon Climbing Swing

Products 1-24 of 321

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ADHD Toys & Products

Kids and adults with ADHD can use tools to help improve concentration at school, work or home. Kids love to start the day by getting the wiggles out through jumping and swinging. During circle time or seatwork, kids who feel distracted can wiggle around on a seat cushion and engage core muscles to help improve focus. While reading in school or chilling at home, kids can sit comfortably on a bean bag cushion and enjoy extra sensory input as they wiggle. Adults in the workplace may benefit from using a rocker board placed discreetly under a computer desk as a foot fidget. Putty is a convenient tool for managing restless energy while riding a bus or sitting in a waiting room. Kids and adults alike find tactile sensory play to be calming. Chewing can help kids be more focused and alert, so kids enjoy wearing chewelry while out and about or using chewy pencil toppers in school so that a chewy is always available. Fun and irresistible, fidgets are another way to manage restless energy during meetings or while at the movies. Some kids prefer multisensory input, and opt for pop tubes or scented weighted sand. Adults especially appreciate low-profile fidgets such as the key chain fidget or fidget finger puzzle set. Boost calm and focus while traveling with the soothing deep pressure of a lap pad. Colorful lap pads with pictures or fidgets engage younger minds and hands, while older teens or adults may appreciate more subtle hues.

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