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The Original Weighted Compression Vest™

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Size Guide

XXS 21" - 25" 11" - 12"
XS 21” - 27” 12.5” - 13.75”
S 23” - 30” 15.5” - 16.5”
M 29” - 37” 18.5” - 19.75”
L 34” - 40” 21.5” - 23”
XL 41” - 46" 24" - 26"

Measurements are in inches.

Black Weighted Compression Vests are 1" longer than other Weighted Compression Vests to accommodate Teen/Adult sizing.


Measurements shown reflect the size of the vest. To measure for width, lift arms slightly and measure around your chest.

For a snug fit with compression vests, choose a size which is 4 inches less than the measurement of the child's chest.

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Be Safe

Product Description

Use with adult supervision. Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist. You may benefit from 20-30 minutes of wear each hour, or longer.

Helps With

Mood & Attention, Sensory Over Responding, Sensory Seeking, Travel Issues


  • Includes vest and 2 lbs. of weight: four 1/4 lb. weights and two 1/2 lb. weights. XX-Small has 1 lb. of weight: four 1/4 lbs. weights. Additional weights sold separately
  • 100% polyester neoprene vest with 100% polyester lining and hook and loop closures
  • 100% cotton weights filled with steel pellets
  • To wash vest, remove weights. Attach all closures to prevent damage to vest. Machine wash cold/gentle. Dry flat.
  • Surface wash weights. Air dry.
  • Color: Blue or Red

Please note: Weights should be carefully and gradually adjusted for each person's needs. (5% of total body weight is a common standard. The total should never exceed 10-15% of total body weight.)

  • XX-Small & X-Small: Each hold up to 4 lbs. of weight
  • Small: Holds up to 5 lbs. of weight
  • Medium & Large: Each hold up to 9 lbs. of weight
  • X-Large: Holds up to 12 lbs. of weight


Weighted clothing are designed to support children with various sensory needs. Tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab, this clothing item meets or exceeds government safety standards for lead, flammability, sharp edges and physical hazards. We also test the seams of the fabric and adjustable weights to help ensure the long-term durability for our most active wearers.

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Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.

When using our products, remember that you – as the caregiver – know your child best. Please follow our safety recommendations, and provide additional supervision as needed for your child.