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"Love this vest. It was recommended by our OT for sensory and attention issues and it has helped tremendously. Thanks Fun and Function for always having cool items for our cool kids!" - Mary Clare Tarpley, Blogger, Mommy Square

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Our Most Popular Vest is Also Our Favorite

Our founder and occupational therapist Aviva couldn’t find a weighted compression vest for kids, so she designed her own. This vest was our first Fun and Function product and it’s still one of our top sellers. Kids, parents, teachers and therapists love this vest because it’s comfy, easy to use and and helps kids quickly calm and focus.

The vest is like a big wearable hug that provides steady proprioceptive input (body awareness) with deep pressure and balanced weight. The effect is so gentle, calming and reassuring, kids even ask to wear it.

  • Lightning-fast to put on, take off and adjust by adding or removing weight
  • For kids and adults on the autism spectrum and those with hyperactivity or sensory processing disorder 
  • Use it any time you need extra focus or to satisfy the wiggles
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Includes weights (see details tab) 
  • Age 18 months - Adult


Getting Started

The xx-small vest includes 4 1/4 lb weights for a total of 1 lb of weight; all other sizes include two 1/2 lb. weights and four 1/4 lb. weights for a total of 2 lbs. of weights. Additional weights sold separately (see accessories tab). Adult supervision required.

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  • Made of mesh and comfy neoprene that provides extra stretch and compression
  • Easy-on, hook and loop closures on sides and shoulders
  • XX-Small and X-Small vests hold up to 4 lbs., Small vest holds up to 5 lbs., Medium and Large vests hold up to 9 lbs., and X-Large vest holds up to 12 lbs. Ask your occupational therapist about weights and wear times for best results.  Weights should be carefully and gradually adjusted for each person's needs. (5% of total body weight is a common standard. The total should never exceed 10-15% of total body weight.) 
  • Remove weights before washing.
  • Machine wash. Hang dry. 
  • Colors: Blue or red
  • Weighted Tactile Beanbags

    Weighted Tactile Beanbags

  • Vest Weights

    Vest Weights


Great for Students!
We have introduced one of our students to wearing weighted compression vest during OT sessions. These vests provide deep touch and proprioceptive input that help to calm and organize the body. The goal for her when wearing the vest is to help with her restlessness and impulsivity. They have styles now that look more like typical clothing or can be worn underneath clothing so that she can continually get input throughout the day. Here is a great example.
Crystal Academy - Coral Gables
Best Vest So Far
We have tried many different vests over the past 2 years and this one is by far the most comfortable, easy to wash and have nice little compartments to add weight or take some weight from the vest. Not only is it a weighted vest but compresses as well! I would suggest this vest to anyone who has a child with ADHD/SPD/ or ASD. The only suggestion I would make would be to extend the velcro in the back so that the child can have room to grow into the vest, as well as to limit the compression (if needed).
great product
I bought the weighted vest just a few weeks ago. I love the vest! The material is great for summer. The vest is very durable. The only thing I would change is adding a zipper in the front. I have range of motion issues so adjusting and getting the vest on takes some assistance. Overall, I love the product!
Weighted Pressure Vest-Blue
My son's OT got this for us for his SPD and it has been a life saver! it was the first part of his therapy we started and when i think about were he was then and were he is now about a year later it makes me want to cry (a good happy cry!) I do not know were we would be if it was not for this and any time some one asks about it i just love telling them our story!
Nicole Kean
Great product
As an pediatric occupational therapist I am always considering which company makes the best of a given product before recommending one to my clients. I appreciate that Fun and Function made this vest that can be worn both as a weighted vest and a compression vest. The child I use it on, loves it. It is comfortable and easily adjustable. Also, some companies require you to purchase the weights separately. This vest includes weights as well! TG
Used in Schools
I'm an OT in the schools and I purchased this to use with some of my kids. Great product. Only negative comment I have is I wish the weights were on the outside rather than the inside so it would make it more convenient for the students who benefit from both the weighted and compression but don't need to wear the weights all day. But overall, I highly recommend this brand and have been very pleased thus far with my purchase.
Love it as an adult!
I purchased the large for myself (thanks so much for making a size for adults ) It really helps me calm down and focus better at work. Thank you fun and function!
Amazing vest
My daughter puts it on and calms down within a minute.
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
We purchased this vest 2 years ago and our son is still enjoying it! Very well made! We love it!
Stephanie Stoltenburg
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
We are a foster family who take in special needs. This vest has helped so many kids, from aspergers, autism, brain injury, sensory disorders....... It really does help 'center' them. They kids will ask to wear it!!
peggy Q
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Love this vest. It was recommended by our OT for sensory and attention issues and it has helped tremendously. Thanks Fun and Function for always having cool items for our cool kids!
Mommy Square
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
This is an awesome item and is very helpful! I love that it can be adjusted and that we can take out the weights to just use for the compression. It really helps my son calm down and relax. Thank you Fun and Function for your wonderful products and amazing customer service! You are one of a kind!!
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
mi nino tiene autismo y no podia dormir bien por lo general se dormia asta las 3:00am todos los dias compre el chaleco y fue como magia se lo ponia y en menos de 20 minutos se quedaba dormido.es muy buen producto y lo importante es la seguridad que les da a ellos.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
I absolutely love this vest. I initially purchased this for trial and began using it at school and at the grocery store. We keep this vest on hand all the time. I was so impressed with this vest that I even created a spotlight lens on a blog sight for others to find the vest! I recommend this to all parents.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
First impression of this item and this web site is very good! I ordered this two days ago and just got it today. I am very impressed with the quality of this product which you can't beat for the price. My daughter is 3 and very tall for her age. I got her the XSmall and it fits great and she can still grow into it. The vest has nice adjustable velcro at the shoulders and on the sides so you can adjust this as your child grows. We bought this because our daughter has PDD NOS with sensory deficit disorder. We were told to buy a weighted vest because it might help to calm her down when she gets overwhelmed and frustrated. She has been wearing it now for a couple of hours and she already seems calmer. I am very glad I made this purchase.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
My son wears the vest in preschool whenever they 'really need him to pay attention'. It calms him down immediately and he can then focus. It's made an amazing difference for him and his ability to learn.
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
We bought this vest over a year ago for our son who is 10 and has Autism. LOVE IT! Cheapest prices with the best quality time and time again. We love Fun and Function! :)
Stephanie Stoltenburg
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
This web site is the best out there,it is cheap and the products are wonderful! & i ordered my Sons weighted vest & got it shipped in the same week. now thats what i call good service!:)
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Fits great - compression right pressure - have not yet tried with weights as per school's instruction.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
We have ordered one of these for our home and we also refered my son's school to this company and they have ordered several of these vests also. The vests are really well made and they are affordable which is the best part. They are not exactly like the really expensive ones I have seen previously that are ultra thick wet suit material. They thinner then that but still the wet suit material just not as thick as another vest I had previously borrowed from a therapy center. But that being said this vest is 50 bucks vs. 300 or whatever they charge, and this one is also weighted. My son LOVES this vest and the school was thrilled when they got the ones they had ordered. awesome product awesome price!
nicole hedin
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
The vest fit him perfect.
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
We ordered the large, but it probably will not fit the majority of our clients. When looking at the sizes, both the large and the XL fit the same size chest, but it did not fit some of the adults we tried it on; however, we do think it will be effective for the clients who are able to use it. It seems durable and well made, and we are grateful for that as safety is our top priority! Thank you for making these items affordable!
Abby Alger
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Absolutely the BEST purchase I have EVER made for my autistic 5 yr old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING, WONDERFUL!!!!!!
Kerry Selllers-Ollivierre
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
great quality for the money: strong velcro and high quality fabric. This product runs big.
april m.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
My son likes the compression of the vest; however, the vest is cumbersome to put on even with adult assistance. Also, it is much too long for my child, so it would help to have a longer strip of velcro on the shoulders to adjust for length.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
We have been needing this for years. My daughter loves this and wants to wear it a.ll the time
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
This is a great vest to invest in. If your kiddo needs both weight and compression it is nice because it's like a 2 for 1. My son takes it to school everyday and then brings it home so we can use it for homework, cub scouts, and other tasks. High quality material. Very adjustable.
Jessica Alexander
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Bought the size medium for my skinny 9 year old - it was a little big but he'll grow into it. Excellent value for the money. The stitching is solid and they didn't skimp on the velcro. My son calls it his "football" uniform...Very happy with this purchase. The only thing I wish I had done was purchase additional weights with this vest -
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
I purchased this weighted compression vest at the recommendation of my 3yr old daughter's OT. The vest definitly helps her stay focused at mealtime and other times we need to help her stay calm. The vest iself is very well made and fits her great, with room to expand as she grows. The stitching of the velcro to the vest seems strong, and I am very satisfied with my purchase. For me it was money well spent.
Keith K.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
This compression vest makes me feel like I'm sort of in temple grandin's squeeze machine. I can actually feel my body correctly! :-D. This is a God-send! _3
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
I was thrilled to find this vest that offers both weight and compression. It is extremely well made, and I love that it's machine washable and has a place to write my son's name. This vest has made a big difference in my son's behavior.
M. Burks
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
This vest was amazing for my daughter. She loved the tightness it gave her and the weight. She knows her own sensory needs now and will put it on and calms down within a minute. We take it with us anywhere just in case she starts to get upset and needs the sensory input. It works everytime to calm her. This is so much easier to take with us than her weighted blanket.
nicole eberly
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
This vest tends to run large. This is the second vest I have bought for my daughter and for her the compression/weighted combo works far better than just a weighted vest. I would love to see this vest with a zip front to allow my daughter to put it on without help, especially when she is at school.
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
We love this vest. My 3 year old daughter won't wear a regular vest, but asks to wear this. I would definitely recommend this to someone else.
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
Love this Vest!! My 7 year old son has ADHD, a head injury from a car accident and some sensory issues. He loves to wear it and told me it helps him get self-control:) The only con about it is that if you are not careful you can rip the fabric on the sides where the velcro is. The velcro is so sticky (thats a plus) that it is sometimes difficult to get off and if you pull to hard you will rip the fabric.
Selena Dawson
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
This is a great vest! My 2 year old son has sensory processing disorder and needs help with his gross motors skills. When we put this on him, the difference in his posture and walk was amazing! (Our OT had us try it at his appt. and I immediately came home and ordered one). At his next appt. with the PT, she was also amazed at the difference it makes for him. Thanks.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
this runs big! My son is a big 4 1/2yr old and i got the XS (4-5) for him. Its still too big and could be more snug!
mspec mom
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
In Mexico we have an organization for autistic children and has served well the vest, incredible control
veronica reyes
Weighted Compression Vest (Red)
My son is 6 and has Autism. The vest was recommended by his OT and it has really benefited him. He gets very hyper, specially before bed and the vest helps him stay calm.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Love this vest ! Fits true to measurements and my son loves wearing it. Great price too !
sheina scharrer
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
High quality construction; fits comfortably on my child; effective. Note: product is true to size (see size chart).
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
This is a very nice vest! I like that it is both a weighted and compression vest, takes care of two things at once! The only thing is that is does run large. Otherwise, we really like the vest!
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
This is awesome. The first vest that fits completely under my daughter's clothing. We use it for compression without the weights. I do wish they would offer this without the weights. The enclosures for the weights were itchy for my daughter and I had to take them out.
Melissa Buckholtz
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
The vest fits great! My daughter loves it and requests to put it on.
Abby Hilemn
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Our daughter LOVES this vest! She asks to put it on and hugs herself once it's on. It really helps her to focus and gives her the extra sensory input she needs!
Charlene Martin
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
This product is very good for the price and the fact that is serves a dual purpose of the weight and the compression. My 2 1/2 autistic son loves it and even brings it over to me to have me put it on him. I notice a big difference while he has the vest on, he is so much more calm and focused. The vest is a little big without the weights in them. but once the weights are in it seems to fit more snug as it should.
Kelly Goldsmith
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Has calming effect on 3 yr old with autism. Takes him a while to adjust to it, but sibling has one, so this helped!
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
this was recommended by son's therapist-She brings it to our house & immediately you see a difference it calms him down - i recommend this to everyone that has a child with sensory issues
Shannon Patterson
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
My son's occupational therapist brought this to our house for my son to use during his sessions. It was amazing we saw a difference in him immediately. So I had to buy one, he loves it but thinks his therapist is at our house when he wears it. I recommend this to everyone that has a child with sensory issues!!! MY son is almost 3- this is made big so we will get time to use it
Shannon Patterson
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
As an occupational therapist, I choose this vest above all others. It is easy to clean and I use it for trials with kids before asking parents to purchase one. Because the Velcro closures are wide, it can be adjusted in size easily. I find that kids quickly forget they are wearing this, as it does not interfere with their movement and it is form-fitting.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
Is a great idea. Can see how it could help. It seems that the sizes run a little large. Even though I measured his chest and put order in by the guidlines provided it is big on him. Also the shoulder straps are rubbing his neck. But this may be due to being too large.
Weighted Compression Vest (Blue)
The only thing is we ordered our's too big. But the sizing is always different for every product out there
Weighted Compression VestWeighted Compression Vest
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