Calm & Focus

  • Quick View SensaSoft Compression Canoe

    SensaSoft Compression Canoe

    The perfect squeeze for kids who crave calming pressure around their bodies.

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  • Quick View LimeLite™ LED Cube

    LimeLite™ LED Cube

    A cool-to-the-touch color-changing LED cube. Available in multiple sizes to use as a manipulative, bedside lamp or a chair.
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  • Quick View LimeLite™ LED Ball

    LimeLite™ LED Ball

    Pick up the LED ball and watch the colors change. The soft light encourages visual stimulation.
    From $89.99 - $109.99

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  • Quick View LimeLite™ LED Chair

    LimeLite™ LED Chair

    Sitting, reading or relaxing in this multi-colored LED chair hones visual attention and color recognition skills.



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  • Quick View LimeLite™ LED Stool

    LimeLite™ LED Stool

    A soothing spot to sit to calm down. Cycles through many colors to help kids develop visual attention.



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  • Quick View Under Huggers

    Under Huggers

    Offers more compression than a regular undershirt. A stretchy, breathable tank that provides pressure around the shoulders, trunk and hips.

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  • Quick View Explorer's Vest

    Explorer's Vest

    Be prepared for all of life’s adventures! Safari-style weighted vest is available in four sizes for explorers of all ages.
    From $45.99 - $51.99

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  • Quick View Chair Ball

    Chair Ball

    The solution to your therapy ball rolling away! Prongs on the bottom help this one stay put.
    From $31.99 - $37.99

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  • Quick View Plush Pickle

    Plush Pickle

    Mr. Pickle is a friendly weighted lap pad provides sensory integration and companionship.

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  • Quick View Calm Down Jar

    Calm Down Jar

    Just flip the jar and watch the soothing colors, gel and bubbles cascade down.


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  • Quick View Regulation Putty™

    Regulation Putty™

    This playful putty strengthens hands and improves fine motor planning. The expressive faces hidden inside help kids learn emotions so they can express how they feel.

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  • Quick View Round Plush Maze

    Round Plush Maze

    Take this light and compact maze on the go to encourage finger isolation and practice fine motor work.

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Calm and Focus. Both are fundamental to engaging our children in becoming great adults. Whether you want to create your very own space for calming, encourage focus and attention in your classroom or help a child settle down, we have tools and strategies to assist you. Fun and Function’s “Calm and Focus” products are the ideal strategy for children who display a heightened response to their environment. Children with autism, sensory integration challenges and attention issues will reap the benefits of being offered solutions to calm and engage. Some of our tools such as chewies, weighted clothing and swings can literally act as a “filter” to help children integrate incoming sensory information that may be over-stimulating on their sensitive nervous systems. Cushions can help your children to “calm and focus” whereas a beanbag chair and aromatherapy can create just the perfect environment to “chill out” after a hard day or read a good book. Maybe you are on a tight budget, but need a calm space to create in a bedroom, classroom or clinic? Try purchasing a tent with a lap pad or weighted blanket. Then throw in some earphones for your auditory sensitive child and you’re good to go. Need a homework station? Try a timer, a cushion and a carrel. Last, don’t underestimate the power of the arts. Our arts and crafts section will keep their fingers busy. Give your little artist some background music while they work on their masterpieces. Your child may be overactive when they start, but totally engaged by the time they are done.