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Multi-Sensory Room Packages for Every Budget

Designed to support self-regulation, our sensory rooms are customized for every budget and environment: schools, clinics, homes, workplace, airports, sports stadiums, hotels, and more. We apply evidence-based practices to build confidence and ability.


Complimentary Design and Personalized Guidance

Our expert team of therapists and designers collaborate to achieve your goals. We develop detailed illustrations, implement, and guide you on safe use, maintenance, training and assessment. Request a free consult>

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Dedicated Account Management and Guidance

Your dedicated account manager has experience in your industry, and ensures excellence from design to delivery. To meet your goals, sensory room options are developed by our expert team of therapists, educators,  and design specialists - at no cost.  


Flexible Size and Controls

We design rooms of every shape and size, with interactive technologies that use sound, light and imagery. In addition to wireless and automated controls, we offer switches with large-format design for easy access by people with limited mobility or young children.

Sensory Rooms for Every Age and Ability

Our sensory rooms are ideal for individuals with visible as well as hidden disabilities, including autism, anxiety, sensory and attention disorders. We equip the space to achieve your goals: manage challenging behaviors, improve productivity, and lift the barriers to inclusion.


Move and Energize

Swing, climb, jump, rock and balance!  Our sensory rooms provide purposeful movement to release energy, reduce stress and renew concentration. 


Calm the Senses

Interact with a fiber optic waterfall, rock in a cozy canoe, or control the changing colors, sounds and lights. Our high-tech adaptive equipment is both engaging and soothing.


Integrate Sensory Play

Nourish the nervous system by enabling integration of sensory input. Our sensory rooms can calm the overactive, stimulate the underactive, and increase comfort and control.