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Fishy Gel Cushion


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“Just the right size!” - Debbie Kissel, Special Needs Product Director at Fun and Function

Item # CF4635
  • A Lil’ Wiggler’s Dream Seat

    These Squishy Gel Cushions let kids wiggle to improve concentration and attention skills while allowing them to stay in place. The Fishy Gel Cushion has floating fish inside, giving kids something extra to explore with their fidgety fingers. Perfect for added sensory input during circle time, floor time, dinnertime, homework, school work, desk work, test taking and more. These cushions are also a great way to mark each child’s seat so that they stay in place during lessons and learning time.

    • Use as a seat cushion or fine motor fidget
    • Slightly filled with gel to give it a moving sensation
    • Ideal for young children with sensory issues or autism
    • Made by Fun and Function
    • Ages 3-9

    Ideas for Use

    Place them on a child’s lap to serve as fidget toys and to provide tactile stimulation, or use as a seat cushion to allow for movement during learning time. Get a set for your entire classroom or to for all your children to use on chairs or during floor work!

    Getting Started

    Also available in Bumpy Gel Cushion (neon green with pvc balls inside). Not for biting, mouthing or chewing. Latex-free.

    • 9" Diameter, 1/2" thick

    • Made from PVC and latex-free.

    • Washes clean with mild soap and water

    • No inflation required

  • Good fidget but not for sitting
    This is a great visual fidget and keeps some wiggly 4 year olds in their spot but they don't like to sit on it because it has a hard "nub" sticking straight up in the center. The thing has two plugs and I don't understand why as it seems more annoying than fun. Kids like to play with it but aren't crazy about the nub in the middle. Fun and Function response: That is annoying! We are happy to send you a different cushion to try that may work better for your 4 year olds!
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    Did not receive the correct item
    I had ordered the fishy gel blue cushion but instead received the sensory green cushion. This was my second attempt at ordering the cushion and did not want to wait another 10 days + shipping. Hence, now I am using the green one. Not too happy with it. Fun and Function response: We are sorry to hear that you did not receive the item you specified! Please reach out to us and we will gladly send you what you ordered. Our regular shipping time is 3-5 working days so we hope you receive this a lot faster than you expect.
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    Was ok
    It is ok, it has this hard thing that sticks up right in the middle...I guess you don't feel it when you sit on it, but......
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    Just the right size
    We have "tiny" bottoms in our house and these cushions are just perfect. The kids enjoy using them as cushions, for extra weight in their backpack and taking them in the car to play with or sit on! Great idea!
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    My Son LOVES this!
    He loves poking at the fish and the balls and He has it with him pretty much most of the day, either carrying it and squishing it or sitting on it!
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  • Answered Questions
    Is hand pump included with cushion?
    Can a child in kindergarten use this cushion?
Fishy Gel CushionFishy Gel Cushion
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  • Fishy Gel Cushion
  • Fishy Gel Cushion
  • Fishy Gel Cushion
  • Fishy Gel Cushion
  • Fishy Gel Cushion
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