Sensory Regulation

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  • SensaSoft Compression Canoe

    The perfect squeeze for kids who crave calming pressure around their bodies.

    In stock

  • Bubble Table


    The ever-changing colors and bubbles create a soothing atmosphere for any sensory space. 

    Only 6 Left!

  • Bubble Tube


    Transform any room with soothing bubbles and calming color. Creates a sensory space that helps stimulate under responders and calm over responders. 

    Only 7 Left!

  • Bubble Wall


    This 6’H wall of soothing bubbles and changing colors helps to create an atmosphere of calm in your sensory room. 

    Only 10 Left!

  • LED Blanket

    Soft blanket with LED lights helps to create calm with changing colors that encourage relaxation.

    In stock

  • Sensory Room Socks

    From $24.99 - $159.99
    Enjoy your sensory room from head to toe! Comfy non-slip socks for multi-sensory activities.

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Web Tower Swing

    Climb aboard and swing around! Perfect for solo sensory integration therapy or swinging with friends.

    In stock

  • Ball Pit Balls - 120 Pack


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    Fill up your ball pit with colorful balls for visual and tactile stimulation.

    Only 7 Left!

  • Fiber Optic Jellyfish

    From $1,389.99 - $2,289.99

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    Offers a visual and tactile adventure with 150 cool-to-the-touch color-changing fiber optic strands.

    In stock

  • Sensory Cocoon

    From $5,699.99 - $7,699.99

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    Soothing environment that engages the senses through tactile and visual stimulation.

    In stock

  • HD-120 Swing Frame with Swivel


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    Sturdy swing frame that supports older children and adults. Stands up to frequent use by heavy swingers.

    In stock

  • Skybound Super 7 Trampoline


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    Jump and play safely in this heavy duty trampoline with safety enclosure.

    In stock

  • SkyBound Mini 40" Children's Trampoline


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    Get a jump on sensory input! For ages 3-6 with handle bar for safety.

    In stock

  • Sensory Canopy


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    Transform any classroom into an immersive sensory space.

    In stock

  • LimeLite™ LED Spool



    Save: 12%

    Create a calming corner with this awesome LED chair that cycles through colors to help kids develop visual attention. 

    In stock

  • Sensory Survival Kit

    Compare At: $112.00

    Ours: $89.99

    Save: 20%
    Therapist-designed tools for sensory breaks anytime, anywhere. Take on the go or keep nearby at school to meet the needs of sensory-seeking kids.

    In stock

  • Gel Floor Tiles

    From $49.99 - $599.88
    Squishy and ooze-y colorful fun! A hands-on sensory experience for all ages.

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Therapist Kit

    Compare At: $299.99

    Ours: $249.99

    Save: $50.00
    Chock-full of versatile tools for kids of varying abilities. Perfect for PTs and OTs who work in schools or on the go.

    Only 1 Left!

  • Teen Break Box

    Sensory solutions and tools that help tweens and teens re-focus, self-regulate and channel restless energy.

    In stock

  • Therapist Pick

    Classroom Break Boxes: Sensory Tool Kit

    From $199.99 - $499.99
    Quick! Open the Break Box and get 12+ tools to help tired, wild or restless students return to learning.

    In stock

  • Early Childhood Break Box

    Fun, colorful sensory tools that help engage young sensory seekers, under responders and over responders.

    Only 3 Left!

  • Therapist Pick

    Break Bag

    On-the-go sensory solutions! When kids need a sensory break, you’ll be ready with a tool for manipulating, weight or pressure.

    In stock

  • Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starts at $9.99

    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.
  • Therapist Pick

    Air-Lite Ball Pit

    Compare At: $239.99

    Ours: $199.99

    Save: $40.00
    With soft walls and cushioned floor, our ball pit is a hit during playtime and therapy sessions.

    In stock

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