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Inclusive Intervention Strategies that Measurably Improve Learning

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Why [the problem]

While mainstreaming and inclusion are the chosen course for many schools, addressing special needs while teaching a full curriculum and meeting demanding testing requirements is challenging. Teachers may find themselves dedicating a majority of the lesson to classroom management and children develop a negative self- image and are unable to access the curriculum because they do not have the tools to address their needs.

What [the inclusive solution]

We partner with your school to create RTI strategies that are effective and inclusive. Our strategies are powerful because we help teachers address the varied needs in their classrooms by empowering children to self-regulate. It's a win-win: Teachers gain the tools to support all their students, and students are motivated to learn and participate once their core needs are met. Download the Case Study >

Classroom tools:

Break Boxes
Give teachers the tools to address children’s needs within the classroom. Filled with our best sensory solutions, the Break Box provides the teacher with a tool kit that can be used to address children’s sensory needs. The uses of the box are universal, and will benefit many children. However, for children with pronounced needs, this tool kit is a lifeline. While the Break Box is a wonderful tier 1 intervention, by leveraging our tracking sheets and supporting materials, it can be implemented as a targeted (tier 2) intervention within the classroom.

Choose a Classroom or Early Childhood Break Box or customize your own.

Sensory Rooms
A sensory room is an invaluable resource for a school as an out-of-classroom intervention (tier 3), which is nonetheless inclusive. Take a child who cannot sit through class and provide him/her with 10 minutes of targeted activity at the beginning of each day and watch how this child can successfully participate in a regular classroom.

With multiple options for active movement and self-regulation, our sensory rooms boost learning and concentration for all students, supporting special needs and inclusion. The modular design is highly durable and versatile, featuring a pre-fabricated unit with built-in activities.
Explore the Action Rooms and ChillSpa.

Emotional Tools:

Children use age-appropriate tools to identify how they feel, and learn which activities help to regulate emotions and behavior.
Download the Student Self-Regulation Tool >

Tracking Tools:

Teachers and administrators can chart each student's progress and assess what's helpful or not. Download the Teacher Tracking Tool and the Activity Guide.

Onsite training and consulting:

The tools we provide are highly effective, and we can help you maximize their value. Our expert pediatric therapists customize a hands-on training program that engages, empowers and trains your teachers and administrators to make all the difference. Contact us to explore the training options.

How [the research science]

Read the evidence-based practice of the ActiveMind Program, and the abstract summaries of independent research. In addition, download the Case Study of a primary school that experienced the benefits.

Who [our dedicated team with yours].

Our expert team can help customize your sensory room. Tell us about your
needs, and we'll provide a free consult and quote. Please fill in the Sensory Room Checklist and email to or call 1.800.231.6329.

Yes, it takes a village... and sensory rooms and break boxes too! We've created a turn-key program to address your school's most urgent behavioral needs, and achieve your academic goals.
Our ActiveMind School Partnership is an integrated solution that fosters inclusion and self-regulation.  Within a short period of time, students with diverse needs show significant progress. Their teachers and parents are thrilled, and so are we!   
Contact us today -- and count on us.  We're dedicated to helping you empower each child with the tools for lifelong achievement.

Aviva Weiss, MS OTR/L
Founder of Fun and Function


Watch video of ActiveMind Partnership with Private School in New Jersey

Watch video of ActiveMind Partnership with Public School in Georgia

Watch video of Sensory Habitats for homes, clinics and schools



Download Brochure on ActiveMind School Partnership >

A constant success! Children tell their teachers "I'm now ready to learn."

Bessie Katz, Principal

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