Sensory Play

  • Quick View Regulation Putty™

    Regulation Putty™

    This playful putty strengthens hands and improves fine motor planning. The expressive faces hidden inside help kids learn emotions so they can express how they feel.

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  • Quick View Anemone Floor Sliders

    Anemone Floor Sliders

    The coolest slippers around! Slip these on and kids will have a blast "skating" around the house and challenging balance reactions.

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  • Quick View Denim Pocket Lap Pad

    Denim Pocket Lap Pad

    This multi-purpose lap pad has calming weight, fidgets and pockets.  


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  • Quick View Mesh Therapy Swing

    Mesh Therapy Swing

    A great swing for both active and passive swinging. Breathable mesh is ultra light, yet durable.

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  • Quick View Canvas Seat Swing

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    Canvas Seat Swing

    The comfy seat provides full-bottom support and "hugs" the body, making this great for those just learning how to swing.


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  • Quick View Canvas Sling Swing

    Canvas Sling Swing

    This swing is generously sized to support the entire body in a fully reclining position. Swing while wrapped up like a taco!

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  • Quick View Chewy Straps

    Chewy Straps

    With neon colors and tactile textures, these bracelets are a cool-looking oral motor outlet for biters and chewers.

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  • Quick View Button Pizzazz

    Button Pizzazz

    Practice buttoning and unbuttoning to encourage visual motor integration, following directions, motor planning and fine motor training.


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Perhaps one of the highest forms of human intellect is demonstrated through play. At Fun and function you can choose from our sensory balls, educational toys, swings and pretend play toys. Many of our items are multisensory providing pressure, weight, sound, color, tactile (touch awareness) and, yes, even messy play attributes. Play is our first and most functional form of learning and if we are lucky we will play our entire lives through. We express through play, learn through play and grow through play. For children with special needs play is not only for learning but it is medicinal and so the types of play our children experience can be the difference between their survival or their success. Clinics love our products for their functionality and durability. Parents love our products for their affordability and developmental qualities. Teachers love our products for their ability to integrate with education. Play is not limited to any location or medium. It can be indoors or outdoors, messy or clean, loud or quiet, for one or for many. Sensory play takes standard play and bumps it up a notch integrating the mind and body to work together. Sensory play is an ideal tool for children who are under responsive to their environment for these tools can awaken their sensory systems and elicit more appropriate and accurate responses.When you shop with us you will choose products that will enable them to first….learn how to play!