A Strategic Approach to Addressing Sensory Needs

While mainstreaming and inclusion are the chosen course for many schools, addressing special needs while teaching a full curriculum and meeting demanding testing requirements is challenging. Teachers may find themselves dedicating a majority of the lesson to classroom management and children develop a negative self- image and are unable to access the curriculum because they do not have the tools to address their needs.

We partner with your school to create RTI strategies that are effective and inclusive. Our strategies are powerful because we help teachers address the varied needs in their classrooms by empowering children to self-regulate. It's a win-win: Teachers gain the tools to support all their students, and students are motivated to learn and participate once their core needs are met.

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ActiveMind Partnership with Private School in New Jersey
ActiveMind Partnership with Public School in Georgia
Sensory Habitats for Homes, Clinics and Schools
Besie Katz, Principal
Challenging Classroom Behaviors are Significantly Reduced

Through a tier 1 and tier 2 sensory based program, teacher increased learning by addressing sensory needs and reduced targeted negative behaviors among some of their most challenging students by over 60%. The pilot program was conducted in a New York school district in the summer of 2015 where teachers received a sensory tool kit and training together with data collecting tools and support.

The Research Science

As the needs vary from school to school and child to child, the ActiveMind Partnership will look different to address the unique challenges at hand. However, the structure of the tiered, sensory based model in support of self-regulation and social emotional well being is one that is universal and transcends classifications and population

By decreasing my students' off-task behaviors, I am able to move onto the teaching activities much faster.
Laurie, M.S. Ed.
The ChillSpa and Action Rooms are helping our students with self regulation, which then carries over into the classroom learning.
Sensory Rooms

A sensory room is an invaluable resource for a school as an out-of-classroom intervention, which is nonetheless inclusive. With multiple options for active movement and self-regulation, our sensory rooms help boost learning and concentration for all students, supporting special needs and inclusion.

ChillSpa Room

Chilled-out kids can focus for longer periods of time, with fewer outbursts. Our ChillSpa provides multiple sources of sensory input to soothe children who act out in aggression, anxiety or frustration. Cozy spaces like a pop up tent with a weighted blanket give children a sense of control over their environment and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. An interactive bubble tube, fiber optic lighting and soothing music provide visual and auditory input. Hammock and net swings hug children in a gentle rocking motion. Academic instruction can take place inside the ChillSpa, a safe space to learn.

Action Room

Active minds need active bodies. Action Rooms help to dramatically improve concentration for all students, especially those with attention and hyperactivity issues. Kids can swing, jump, climb, crawl and more. This whole-body strategy combines purposeful movement with sensory input, helping students refocus and return to the classroom, ready to learn. Schools can customize the Action Room or choose the ready-made option with a built-in climbing wall, rope wall, ring monkey bars, slide, ball pit and multiple points for swing suspension. This unit can be disassembled and moved if classroom space changes.

The Break Box has really made a huge difference in helping my students use self control and increase their attention.
Classroom Tools

Support teachers with sensory solutions to help students self-regulate and manage social emotional well being in the classroom.

Break Box

Hands-on tools help to substitute challenging behaviors with sensory based activities, supporting self-regulation and renewed focus.

Training and Consulting

Provide your staff with an understanding of the fundamentals of sensory integration and applicable methods and strategies to create an inclusive learning environment.

Each training session can be customized for your school, including relevant case studies and breakout sessions for educators, administrators and therapists. Within a few hours, you gain critical insight and a road map for integrating sensory-based solutions in the curriculum, empowering students with the ability to self-regulate inside and outside the classroom.


Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions

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