Want to create the perfect bedroom for your child with autism? Maximize the therapeutic potential and create a sensory nirvana in bedrooms of every size. Let's take a look at the options, keeping in mind that your child's bedroom must also be a place that encourages relaxation and sleep, not simply a sensory room

Lighting and Color

White can be quite calming and easily reflects images from an LED projector for sensory room effect. But purple, blue or green walls can also be calming when using softer shades. Once you choose the color, provide lighting accents with a bubble tube or fiber optics, enhancing the soothing effect.

Sensory Bedrooms for Kids with Autism - Fiber Optic Softie Beanbag for Calming and Eye Coordination Scarves
Fiber Optic Softie Beanbag for Calming
Sensory Bedrooms for Kids with Autism - Superactive LED Bubble Tube
Superactive LED Bubble Tube

Swing Suspension

Some parents like to provide a swing for their child's bedroom. A calming swing can be suspended from a single suspension hook to provide a great place to relax and hang out. Consider using a swivel device to reduce wear and tear on your hook and allow for gentle spinning.



can significantly enhance the room's effect. Choose lemon and peppermint to alert and lavender to soothe.


The Bed!

You might be thinking, "Bunk beds save space." Don't do it. Though they provide a great gym, kids sleep best right on the floor. For a sleep-filled night for all, consider a futon or even floor mats and your favorite bedding.


LED Shapes

LED cubes, balls and stools create the perfect transition to bedtime. They emit a soft glow, with the option to automatically cycle through 16 colors in flash, strobe, fade or smooth mode. The LED lights do not generate heat, so the ball is safe to touch and hug. The changing colors are so mesmerizing and calming to watch.

LED Light Ball
LimeLite LED Ball
LimeLite LED Spool
LimeLite LED Spool

Floor Time

Carpet, flooring? I love the idea of providing an area of the room that is soft with carpeting, mats, crash pad, or beanbag chairs. You can also use floor tiles for sensory input and interaction.

Sensory Bedrooms for Kids with Autism - Crash Mat
Crash Mat
Sensory Bedrooms for Kids with Autism - Gel Floor Tiles
Gel Floor Tiles

Safety Lock

If you have an escape artist, consider a safety lock on the bedroom door so you can get in but your child cannot get out. Or cut out the top of the door to create an opening so your child can see out but the lock remains intact.

To maximize the sensory benefits of a bedroom makeover, consider your child's personality as well as the size and location of the room. Feel free to reach out for more suggestions and guidance. Led Bubble Tube

Beanbag Chair Gel Floor Tiles Lori Hammock Chair Save


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