• Weighted Blanket-Twin Size

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    Ours: $129.99

    Save: 15%
    With its soft fabric covering and calming deep pressure, this twin-sized weighted blanket is perfect for individual use.

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  • Weighted Blanket-Full Size

    Get a double dose of calming sensory pressure with this full size weighted blanket.

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  • Soft Plush Weighted Blanket

    This oh-so-soft and lightly weighted blanket helps kids calm down to relax or sleep.

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  • Snuggle Sheet


    This snug fitted sheet easily slips over a twin mattress. Provides gentle compression to help kids calm down and sleep soundly.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Hug Sleeping Bag™

    Lightweight and breathable, with calming compression and stretch for movement, heavy work and sensory integration..

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  • Fur Heaven Blanket Bundle (Blue)

    Get the sensory input you crave with this soft weighted blanket and cozy, furry slipcover.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Weighted Blanket-Single

    Our beautifully crafted weighted blanket is soft, calming and therapeutic for kids with ADHD, autism and sensory integration disorder.

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  • Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag-8 lbs.

    Sleep well on camping trips, sleepovers, vacations and at home with this evenly-weighted 8 lb. sleeping bag.

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  • Calming Weighted Comforter

    For sleeping or quiet time, evenly distributed weight provides calming proprioceptive input.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Blanket Bundle



    Save: $14.99
    This weighted blanket with soft, coordinating slipcover provides calming sensory input all day and night.

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  • Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag-13 lbs.

    Take along on trips, sleepovers, tent camping or use right in your own bedroom.

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  • Fur Heaven Blanket Bundle (Zebra)

    This 5 lb. weighted blanket comes with a furry zebra-print slipcover for added coziness and tactile input.

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  • Blanket Bundle Deluxe

    This weighted Blanket Bundle includes 3 weighted blankets and one soft slipcover. Each blanket weighs 5 lbs.

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  • LED Blanket

    Soft blanket with LED lights helps to create calm with changing colors that encourage relaxation.

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  • Weighted Blanket

    From $84.99 - $219.99
    Bring on the zzz’s! Provides a soothing “hug” and stimulates touch receptors to help induce calm

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  • Sensory Crash Pad/Blanket Slipcover

    From $39.99 - $44.99
    Irresistibly soft! Adds warmth and weight to a weighted blanket. Can be used as a crash pad or blanket.

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  • Heavy Sleeper Weighted Sleeping Bag

    From $103.99 - $139.99
    Take along on trips, sleepovers, tent camping or use right in your own bedroom.

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  • Classroom Weighted Focus Kit

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    Sale: $191.99

    Save: 15%
    Classroom with the wiggles? Try our focus kit to help several students calm and attend at once.

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The friendly folks at Fun and Function are proud to provide you and your child the softest, most comfortable weighted blankets available. We specialize in blankets for special needs children, and all of our blankets are designed to deliver warm calming soothing comfort.

Children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other common conditions thrive on the feel of a loving touch. Although most children enjoy close contact with loved ones, special needs children in particular draw an increased sense of security and belonging from the sensation of affectionate physical contact, and this can put them in the ideal state of mind to get the most out of every day and fall into a restful sleep at night. Our special needs calming blankets are weighted to provide your child with the sense of closeness he or she craves. We also have a weighted sleeping bag that is the perfect calming solution for camping trips, sleepovers or travel.

At Fun and Function, our philosophy is in the name. We also carry sensory crash pads that are outstanding for active children and also function as a resting mat. Fun and Function has your child covered with our selection of blankets designed specifically for your special needs child.