Cerebral Palsy Toys & Products

Tools & Toys for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Tools and toys for kids with cerebral palsy can promote key developmental skills. Even the youngest babies with cerebral palsy can enjoy tools that support hand-eye coordination and visual tracking. At home, school or the clinic, kids love swinging, which builds core stability and scootering which helps develop coordination and motor planning. Space explorers are a great tool to use during sensory breaks in school, or to decompress at home after a long day. These stretchy body socks help kids develop spatial and body awareness, muscle strength and motor planning skills. Our seating solutions include a mix of options that support low muscle tone. Kids can use cushions during circle time or seatwork to promote core stability, challenge balance and help improve posture. When reading in school or chilling at home, some kids love the compression and support of a squeezie seat or cozy canoe, while others enjoy lounging around on a bean bag. Kids with cerebral palsy can squeeze and manipulate putty and fidgets in therapy sessions, when out running errands or during transition times to develop hand strength and fine motor skills.

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