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Therapist Pick
It’s magical to watch kids acquire skills while engaging in deep and meaningful play. This putty entices kids to discover, dig and imagine.
Aviva Weiss, MS, OTR/L at Fun and Function
Item # SP5041, SP5042, SP5783, SP6088, SP6089, SP6212, SP6213

Hide N’ Seek N’ Stretch N’ Strengthen!

Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Discovery Putty is the playful way to strengthen hands and improve fine motor planning. Stretch, mold and pull the putty until you find all the hidden objects--and then hide the pieces all over again! Collect all four themes, each with its own color and level of resistance.

  • Strengthens fine motor skills and provides tactile exploration

  • Versatile therapy tool, fidget, and travel toy for imaginative play

  • Supports speech, color recognition, math and language activities

  • High quality professional putty, free of gluten, casein, latex, soy

  • Age 5+

Getting Started

Therapists, teachers and parents share multiple uses for Discovery Putty.  For example, develop 1 to 1 correspondence with a number board, and count each found object. Encourage speech by describing in a sentence. Match objects to pictures of the objects. Identify first, middle or end sounds of the objects with a letter sound board. Use with adult supervision.

Discovery Putty is available in four varieties:

Transportation Station play putty has 12 hidden pieces including a police car, fire truck, race car, bicycle, sailboat, motorcycle, ship, ambulance, dump truck, skateboard and airplane, in orange putty (soft resistance).

School Tools play putty has 13 hidden pieces including a school building, globe, bus, paper, computer, pencil, crayon, lunch box, backpack, calculator, ruler and apple, in red putty (extra soft resistance).

Animal Rescue play putty has 15 hidden pieces including a bear, ladybug, monkey, frog, parrot, lamb, giraffe, fish, whale and alligator, in brown putty (firm resistance).

Grab the Goodies play putty has 15 hidden pieces including treats like fruit, chocolates, donuts, cookies, crackers and candies, in yellow putty (soft resistance).

Please note: The quantity and type of hidden pieces may vary.

Winner of the 2014 Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products Award.

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Answered Questions
Is it gluten free?
What putty do you recommend something after mastering the Firm Discovery putty?
Seems to me the treasures looking like edible treats would lead to kids putting them in their mouths???
What are the different resistances helpful in? How do I decide which type of resistance to choose?

Weight: 4 oz.

Made from silicone

Safety-tested CPSIA Compliant

Not for Mouthing or Chewing

Removes easily from clothing with use of alcohol

Adult supervision required

Four Times the Fun
We loved working with putties that had different strengths of resistance. The little treasures hidden inside were just right for my four-and-five-year-olds! I love using putty as a fun way to strengthen all the little muscles in my students' hands.
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Perfect Fit
This item was the best thing ever for one of my students. I have a child with severe anxiety and when he sat down with the putty he became like putty!
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Love this discovery putty!
The kids and families that we work with love this putty! Great product!
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Fun hide n seek vocabulary game for preschoolers!
Speech therapy approved
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Discovery Putty is the best....THE BEST! Kids at my gym LOVE it and don't even understand that they are working on SO many occupational therapy goals when playing with it. I've spent my career hiding things in theraputty to work on increasing grasp strength. Kids got bored pretty quickly with the coins I would stick in the putty. When I found Discovery Putty things changed. Kids love looking through the putty to find the different treats or animals hidden inside. In addition to working on increasing grasp strength and fine motor skills, Discovery Putty works on improving bilateral coordination skills, focus and attention and language skills (identifying what they have discovered in the putty).
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Meghan Corridan, OTR/L
Works like a charm!
I have to say, I absolutely LOVE your putty - the emotions putty and the discovery putty. My kids love them and it works like a charm! I'm so impressed with your customer service too, WOW!
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Happy Mama
My kids loved this!
My kids love playing with the discovery putty. they can spend hours pulling out all the pieces, lining them up nicely and then hiding them all in there again.
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Rayzel, Mom
Discovery Putty
The Discovery Putty is great! I own a child development center and I find myself looking for it whenever a child might be waiting for their parents, not feeling well or just to let them experience sensory activities. What a great idea someone had , I remember silly putty as a child this is a step better. Grab one for your child before a road trip you won't be sorry.
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Timothy Rookis
Not as Expected!
I used the putty with my student's and I see the true benefits of the putty consistency vs other types of putty. 1. The putty does not stick to the hands like traditional putty 2. It is easy to pinch and pull 3. It is challenging, but fun for my student's to play "hide and find" in this putty. 4. The objects included with the putty provided additional opportunities for my student's to use language, vision,tactile, cognitive and bilateral hand skills. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to try your new product, I will definitely share my experience with my follow OT and speech colleagues.
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Robyn OTR/L
My Students Love it!
My students love finding the different objects and are very motivated to see what they can find! I hope they come out with another using putty that gives greater resistance.
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Discovery Putty
Thanks for the Putty, I love it! Think it might be a good idea to put a label in the top of the lid with a picture of all the items and then the kids can match the pieces they find.
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Angela Liston SPOT Therapy
Discovery Putty!!!
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Mama Frie
Great Tool for the Therapeutic Tool Box
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Fun and Function founder, Aviva Weiss. Aviva is an OT by trade, mom of many, and now a successful entrepraneur. Fun and Function is a great resource for therapists, teachers and consumers for sensory activities and materials. She also made it clear, that as a company, she is always looking to the consumers of the Fun and Function products to provide insight to use and feedback. So after she sent me a free package of Discovery Putty for taking the time to speak with her, I only thought it appropriate to provide a review. I have now been using Discovery PuttyAnimal Rescue daily, within my school based therapy sessions. The putty is brown, and looks like melted Tootsie Rolls. I had to stop myself (and some of my students) from putting it in the mouth because it looks so good. But after I found self control, I am finding it to be a very useful product. The putty itself is a firm, therapeutic putty. Contained with it, is a set of 15 small (choking hazard size) plastic animals. So under close supervision do I use this product. I have been able to engage students preschool through 5th grade, easily. There is something about searching for things in a firm, smooth, but sticky substance. I have incorporated basic math and language concepts into the activities to support the child's IEP goals. For example, using a number board 1-15, the students must develop 1 to 1 correspondence, counting left to right how many they found, how many are left, etc. With a visual aid, Boardmaker pictures, the children can "tell me" what they found, by either pointing only to the picture or creating a sentence "Look, I found a___." I have also photocopied the animals so the students have to work on visual matching skills. And I have made a letter sound board for students to identify first, middle or end sounds to the items they find. There is quite a variety that can be done with a container of therapy putty and a bunch of chotchkies. For $12.99, it doesn't break the bank. However, I found it disappointing that there was only another Discovery Putty Grab the Goodies with food items, which would not fit my students' needs because of mouthing tendencies. I did contact Ms. Weiss and hope that maybe we will see more varieties of theme based add-ons to the putty in the future. I know I have been putty beads and paper clips into my therapeutic putty for years, but now there is a simple grab and go product that can easily be added to your tool box.
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OT Mommy
Discovery Putty™Discovery Putty™
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