Sensory Puzzles

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  1. glittery gel-filled tangram shapes used to form a horse
    CF7575P Busy Fingers™ Tangram
    From $9.99
  2. Rainbow Stacker
    SP8447 Rainbow Stacker
  3. Fidget Finger Puzzle Set
    MS6984 Fidget Finger Puzzle Set
  4. boy and girl smiling while wearing the Puzzle Piece Chewy necklaces
    CF6820 Puzzle Piece Chewy-Set of 2
  5. 4 Busy Fingers 3D Foldables
    SP8344 Busy Fingers 3D Foldables™
  6. Wooden Wave Stacker
    SP8448 Wooden Wave Stacker
  7. Multi-colored Magnetic Puzzle Fidget
    CF8393 Magnetic Puzzle Fidget
  8. Ready Slide Match
    SP8446 Ready Slide Match
  9. Feel and Find Game
    SP8449 Feel and Find Game
  10. Puzzle Beam Set
    BA8334P Puzzle Beam Set
    From $289.99
  11. multicolored Interlox construction
    SP5722 Interlox
  12. Magna-Tiles
    LB3016P Magna-Tiles
    From $78.99
  13. Animal Shape Sorter
    CF7360 Animal Shape Sorter
  14. Sensory Activity Panels
    KT6682 Sensory Activity Panels

    Starting at $89.99

  15. An open Multi-Matrix Game box with smart cubes that contain letters, numbers, dots and symbols
    VG4225 The Multi-Matrix Game
    Out of stock

15 Products

per page
Set Ascending Direction