Focus at Home

Tools to Improve Focus in Various Settings

Being at home is often distracting for kids, especially when trying to do schoolwork or focus on a specific task. Setting up your kids for academic success at home may seem daunting. Through a consultation with our team, you can feel assured that your child’s sensory needs are being met even within a more distracting environment.

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Meeting Different Needs in One Action Room

Two schools in Isle of Wight County, Virginia dreamed of building sensory rooms to support their students’ needs. With grants from the Special Education Department, Lisa Phipps reached out to Fun and Function to begin working on the project. Each sensory room was designed as an action room, planned specifically to promote active movement, coordination and self-regulation.

Our team equipped this space with easy-to-move tools that kids can tote around on their own. The Gel Cushion instantly transforms any chair into the perfect seat for wiggly kids. Pencil Toppers provide oral and tactile stimulation for kids so that they can focus on schoolwork for longer. For days when kids need extra sensory input, our design team opted for the Squeezie Seat, Sensory Sack, and Raindrop Swing. Each of these offers relaxing deep pressure input; the Sensory Sack and swing also provide active stimulation when needed!

Choosing portable and multi-purpose tools enables families to better incorporate sensory needs into their home. We design the best space to help your kids thrive, all in the comfort of their home environment.

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