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  1. Sports Fun Kit
    KT8444 Sports Fun Kit
  2. Therapy Rocker
    SP7377 Therapy Rocker
  3. SensaSoft™ Rocking Balance Beam
    SD8238BOL SensaSoft™ Rocking Balance Beam
  4. SensaSoft™ Ball Pit Slide
    SD7777OB SensaSoft™ Ball Pit Slide
  5. Climb-Able Wall
    MW7013P Climb-Able Wall
    From $999.00
  6. Puzzle Beam Set
    BA8334P Puzzle Beam Set
    From $239.99
  7. Walking Bar
    SD8070P Walking Bar
    From $229.99
  8. Small Bubble Tube
    SD8269P Small Bubble Tube
    From $459.99
  9. SensaSoft™ Corner Ball Pit
    SD7863BOL SensaSoft™ Corner Ball Pit
  10. SensaSoft™ Moon Seat
    SD8093 SensaSoft™ Moon Seat
    From $269.99
  11. Busy Board Wall Panel
    SD8217 Busy Board Wall Panel
  12. Sensory Hallway
    KT7474 Sensory Hallway

    Starting at $36.99

  13. SensaSoft™ Cozy Chair
    SD7748B SensaSoft™ Cozy Chair
  14. Sensasoft™ Cylinder Mountain
    SD7702B Sensasoft™ Cylinder Mountain
  15. Ball Storage Shelf
    EQ8336 Ball Storage Shelf
  16. Interlox
    SP5722 Interlox
  17. The Multi-Matrix Game
    VG4225 The Multi-Matrix Game
  18. Adaptive Climbing Wall
    MW5889P Adaptive Climbing Wall
    From $1,599.99
  19. Monkey Bars
    MW6580P Monkey Bars
    From $2,779.99
  20. Wild Web
    MW6582P Wild Web
    From $2,199.99
  21. Tyke Tower Climbing Wall
    MW5892P Tyke Tower Climbing Wall
    From $5,899.00
  22. Social Skills Board Games
    PR3060 Social Skills Board Games
  23. Height Adjuster for Swings
    WR4523 Height Adjuster for Swings

Products 25-48 of 655

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Set Descending Direction

Products for Kids with Disabilities

Our products for kids with disabilities help kids meet their goals as they develop and grow. The youngest children can learn about the world through tactile and texture exploration. Early learning tools can be incorporated into playtime or therapy sessions to support fine and gross motor skills, bilateral coordination and sensory integration. As kids develop the gross motor coordination to walk, jump and climb, sensory equipment such as balance blocks, trampolines and climbing walls helps kids build core strength and refine motor planning skills. For kids with sensory processing disorder, biting toys can support self-regulation and sharpen focus. Kids with auditory processing disorder can benefit from toys for kids with CAPD. Kids with developmental disorders such as autism or cerebral palsy can use tools that help them meet goals in occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy or speech and language therapy. Kids with anxiety or ADHD may love using toys to increase attention span and calming toys. Kids are always moving on to the next achievement, and there's always a tool to support that growth.