NYC School District 75 Supports Teachers with Sensory-based RTI Program

November 8, 2016 – On Election Day when schools are closed, the District 75 School K368 rolled out the ActiveMind Partnership with a professional training day.  Teachers, para-professionals, staff and related service providers were presented with the sensory based behavioral RTI program by Fun and Function.

The collaboration between District 75 and Fun and Function first began with a summer pilot program. Teachers from 15 different schools were brought together to participate in a multi-tiered sensory based program that integrates sensory tools into the classroom curriculum.  The initiative is designed to support a broad range of learning needs, and provides a framework for teacher-directed individual interventions.

“This has been an amazing journey,” said Laura Scanlon, Manager of Educational Programming at Fun and Function.  “Working closely with District 75, we experienced firsthand how teachers and students are deeply impacted by the positive outcomes of the program. However, getting an entire school together with all levels of staff takes the message to another level.

“It is a clear message from administration that this program is intended to bring together teachers, administration and related service providers in order to create a unified approach that will enable the team to address student needs,” said Laura Scanlon. “During the training workshops, everybody brainstormed and strategized together.  I heard administrators comment how the energy level was unique, heartwarming and presents great promise to a program that will be meaningful communally and individually.”

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