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On the Go Swing Frame

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Portable Swing Frame - Bonus Hardware Included

Don’t have space for a giant swing frame in your home? Use this portable frame to set up your therapy swing in a snap! Thanks to easy snap-button assembly, no tools are required. System breaks down just as easily for storage. Supports single and 2-point suspension swings. Fast assembly and portable design is great for on-the-go families and therapists.

  • Swinging helps with vestibular orientation, motor planning, balance and coordination
  • Supports kids with low muscle tone, autism, sensory processing disorder and hyperactivity
  • Includes swivel for safe rotation
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

Optional add-ons include Carry Bag, Reagan's Ride Swing Seat Attachment, Platform Board, Low Tone Attachment, and High Quality Interlocking Foam. All sold separately. 1-year manufacturer warranty.


On the Go Swing System I: Swing frame is 50" tall and footprint is 51" x 62". 150lb. weight limit. Frame and light weight mat weigh only 16 lbs. Swing frame and mat conveniently port in a single custom-sized bag (sold separately). Assembly time is 2 minutes. Ages 3-8.

On the Go Swing System II: Swing frame is 72" tall and footprint is 69" x 78". 250lb. weight limit. Swing frame and mat conveniently port in custom sized bags (sold separately). Comes with 2 bags weighing 9 and 13 lbs. Assembly time is 3 minutes. Age 3+.

On the Go Swing System III: Swing frame is 87" tall and footprint is 94" x 85". 300lb. weight limit. Swing frame and mat conveniently port in custom sized bags (sold separately). Comes with 2 bags weighing 12 and 22 lbs. Assembly time is 5 minutes. Age 3+.

Each system includes:

  • Swing Frame (constructed of high strength aluminum, making them extremely lightweight. They are covered in foam rubber for safety)
  • Light weight blue mat
  • Rotational Swivel Device
  • Includes 2-point suspension
  • For safety, maintain a minimum clearance of 6' around the perimeter of the swing
  • Extend protective floor matting 6' from the perimeter of equipment

We recommend you use On The Go swings and accessories with this frame. Review On The Go Swings Connection Interface Information

Shipping and Returns

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Safety Information

Use with adult supervision. Maintain a minimum clearance of 6 feet around the perimeter of the swing, with protective floor matting.

Additional Accessories


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