Our Commitment to Product Safety

Fun and Function truly cares about your children and their needs. It’s why we created our company. As part of our commitment to earn and maintain your trust, we design each of our products thoughtfully, carefully, and with regards to your children’s safety and physical well-being.

As parents, every time we make a product for you, it must also pass the test of coming home with us, where we use these products with our own children.

We design our products to comply with mandatory federal product safety regulations. We subject each product to rigorous testing by independent, third-party laboratories for chemicals with chronic toxicity hazards, like lead, and for sources of other risks, including physical and mechanical hazards.

We are pleased to report that Fun and Function’s products are compliant with these regulations. As part of our commitment, we will continue to design and source our products from reputable vendors that comply with these product safety requirements.

In addition to ensuring that our factories follow our instructions, Fun and Function continues to test (and randomly audit) to make sure that we meet our own (and your) high expectations.