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  1. Wiggle Cushion
    CF7468 Wiggle Cushion
  2. Modern Ball Chair
    CF4884 Modern Ball Chair
  3. Plasma Car
    MP1501P Plasma Car
    From $79.99
  4. Air-Lite™ Junior Bolster Swing
    VS4611 Air-Lite™ Junior Bolster Swing
  5. Crash Mat Cover
    VS4941P Crash Mat Cover
    From $39.99
  6. Needle Hand Pump
    BL5681 Needle Hand Pump
  7. Jungle Jumparoo
    MW6122 Jungle Jumparoo
  8. Climb-Able Wall
    MW7013P Climb-Able Wall
    From $1,129.00
  9. SensaSoft™ Rocking Half Barrel
    MW6999 SensaSoft™ Rocking Half Barrel
  10. SensaSoft™ Bolster Swing
    CF6966 SensaSoft™ Bolster Swing
  11. Hopscotch Gel Floor Tiles
    CF7424 Hopscotch Gel Floor Tiles
  12. Doorway Bar with Straps
    EQ7412 Doorway Bar with Straps
  13. Jump2It Indoor Trampoline with Adjustable and Folding Handle
    MW8332 Jump2It Indoor Trampoline with Adjustable and Folding Handle
  14. 4-Way Play Tunnel
    MW7660 4-Way Play Tunnel
  15. Zipline PlayScape Convertible Kids Couch
    EQ8363P Zipline PlayScape Convertible Kids Couch
    From $339.99
  16. Sensasoft™ Cylinder Mountain
    SD7702B Sensasoft™ Cylinder Mountain
  17. SensaSoft™ Ball Pit Slide
    SD7777OB SensaSoft™ Ball Pit Slide
  18. SensaSoft™ Corner Ball Pit
    SD7863BOL SensaSoft™ Corner Ball Pit
  19. SensaSoft™ Foldable Ball Pit
    SD7880BP SensaSoft™ Foldable Ball Pit
    From $789.00
  20. Bounce Board
    MW7669 Bounce Board
  21. Puzzle Beam Set
    BA8334P Puzzle Beam Set
    From $279.99
  22. Bungee Trampoline
    VS8465 Bungee Trampoline
  23. Spot Markers
    CF5878P Spot Markers
    From $31.99
  24. Regulation Cubes
    MW6316 Regulation Cubes

Products 1-24 of 176

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Set Descending Direction

Special Needs Products

Incorporating special needs products in the classroom, home and clinic can help kids meet therapy goals. During therapy sessions, kids with fine motor delays or sensory processing disorder can play and pretend using our fidgets, sensory putties and chewies, having fun while building key developmental skills. Other tools support kids with gross motor delays or speech and language difficulties. Our high quality sensory toys and tools are safety-tested and include ideas for use and safety information. Check out our weighted blankets and wiggle seats for more great products!